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  • Owner's manual - (English)

User Guide Haier HWM75TL Washing Machine


  • Parts and Features
  • Operating instructions
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Moving & Vacationing
  • Tools and Materials Required
  • Unpacking Your Washer
  • Levelling Your Washer
  • Steps for Installation
  • Power Interruptions

Bleach use and dispenser:

  1. Bleaching of clothes can help remove stains, heavy soiling and kill bacteria. Bleach should not be used on silk, wool, rayon or drip dry clothes.
  2. Bleach dispenser is located on the front corner under the lid.
  3. Fill the dispenser with the manufacturer's recommended dosage during the first water fill.
  4. Be careful not to spill undiluted bleach onto the washer cabinet or your clothes

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Moving & Vacationing

* Turn off water supply at the faucet and disconnect hoses. Drain water from all hoses.

* Disconnect electrical plug.

* Dry inner wash tub. If moving washer disconnect drain hose.

* Turn the leveling legs clockwise all the way in.

* Move and store your washer in upright position only.

* To prevent mold or mildew, leave lid open so moisture inside machine can evaporate.

* Insert transporting bolts if you are relocating the washer. Ensure removal prior to usage

Cleaning and Maintenance

  •  Use only a damp or sudsy cloth for cleaning the control panel.
  • To avoid any kind of damage to cabinet finish, wipe washer cabinet as needed. If you spill liquid/powdered softener bleach or detergent on the cabinet, wipe cabinet immediately .
  • Do not use any abrasive, harsh chemicals, ammonia, chlorine bleach, concentrated detergent, solvents or metal scouring pads.These chemicals may dissolve, damage and/or discolor your washer.
  •  Leave lid open after washing to allow inside of washer to dry and assist in preventing unwelcomed bad odours.

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