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Samsung RS68N8671B1/SS Questions and Answers

#1 How to install Water Line for Samsung Refrigerator

To install the water line, follow these steps:
1 Shut off the main water supply and turn the icemaker off
2 Locate the nearest cold drinking water line
3 Connect to the 3/16" white plastic tube on the back of
4 Slip the compression nut onto the white plastic tube
5 Screw the union into the white plastic tube and tighten
compression nut. Do not overtighten the compression nut
6 Slip the compression sleve and compression nut onto
the copper tubing as shown.. Tighten the compression
nut onto the union
7 Turn water on and check for any leakage
8 Install the water filter
9 Turn on the main water supply & shut-off valve of the
supply line
10 Run water through the dispenser until the water runs
clear (6~7
minutes). This will clean the water supply system and
clear air
from the lines
11 Additional flushing may be required in some
12 Open the Refrigerator door and check if water leaks
around the water filter

#2 How to activate/deactivate Power Freeze feature on
Samsung Refrigerator?

If you need to quickly freeze easily spoiled items or if the
temperature in the freezer has warmed dramatically, the
Power Freeze option is a good choice.
The Power Freeze feature enables the compressor to run
at its maximum capacity. This feature enable the freezer
compartment to reach its maximum allowable
temperature faster, but yet consumes more energy.
To turn Power Freeze on, hold down the Freezer button for
3 seconds.
The Power Freeze icon will light up when it is turned on. To
turn off, simply hold down the Freezer icon for 3 seconds.