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Samsung RS6GN8221B1/EG Questions and Answers

#1 How much free space should I allow around my refrigerator?

When you are getting ready to install your Samsung Fridge, one of
the most important things to take notice of is the space around
your fridge. Having too little space can greatly impact on the
performance and life of your fridge, such as minimising over-

#2 How to make your ice maker produce more than 120 cubes a day?

An ice maker typically makes 1 tray of ice every 90 minutes. To
shorten the amount of time the freezer takes to produce a tray
of ice, lower the freezer temperature
If your refrigerator has a Power Freeze function, press the Power
Freeze button to speed up the ice-making process. In Power
Freeze mode both the compressor and the freezer fan run for 10
hours continuously. The ice-making interval will be reduced from
90 minutes to 55 minutes. If the ice bucket fills in fewer than 10
hours, then Power Freeze will stop automatically
If you are experiencing a different issue with your ice maker,
follow the steps below or refer to your user manual for more

#3 The sides of my refrigerator feel hot. Is this normal?

You may notice that the outside of your fridge feels warm. This
is caused by the heat dissipated from the refrigeration process
and is normal.
If your fridge feels warmer than it should, it may be the spacing
between your fridge and it’s surroundings. Ensure that there is a
minimum distance of 50 mm of space free around the sides and
at the back of the unit and then at least 25 mm space at the top.
Also, check to see to see if there are any nearby heat sources
that could contribute to the increase in surface temperature.

#4 Why is my refrigerator making noise?

No refrigerator is ever completely silent, however it should never be
so loud that you are unable to hold a conversation in the kitchen.
There are many different noises that your refrigerator can make,
and each can mean a different thing. Look for the noise your fridge
is making below for more advice.

#5 What to do if your ice maker is producing 50-90 cubes a day?

If your ice maker is not producing enough ice, please try the
Lower the freezer temperature. The freezer temperature must be
0°C for the ice maker to work properly
Make sure that the water valve on the refrigerator water supply
line is completely open. You can find the water valve at the point
that your refrigerator water supply line taps into your house
water line
If you have a water filter in your refrigerator, it may help to
change the filter cartridge. Please consult your user manual for
more information
Make sure that your freezer is not overfilled. This can reduce ice