945-0315 Neato Robotics Kitchen & Bath Fixtures - User Manual

945-0315 Neato Robotics Kitchen & Bath Fixtures - User Manual - User Guide PDF download or read online. QUICK START
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Connecting Your Robot

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To operate correctly, remove all protective films and shipping material from the robot and charge base.
Have your smartphone / tablet available.
You will need your wifi network name and password.
TIP: Locate your router in a central location where it can deliver a strong signal throughout the house.
Plug the power cord securely into the charge base.
Adjust the length of the cord by wrapping it as shown.
Choose a wall outlet that has a 3’ (1 m) clearance on both sides and in front of the charge base. This helps your robot find the charge base.
Plug in the power cord and push the charge base against the wall.
TIP: Locate the charge base on a hard floor surface.
TIP: Make sure the power outlet is not controlled by a switch.
Place the rounded side of your Neato robot against the metal charging contacts on the charge base until the contacts are pushed all of the way in.
For best results, charge the robot fully before your first cleaning cycle.
NOTE: During bootup, the robot LEDs next to the Start Button will alternately blink blue. You will need to wait for an audible tone before performing additional functions.
NOTE: Your robot is only compatible with the included charge base.
• Open the Neato app and create a Neato account TIP: If you have an existing Neato account, you can just sign in
• Upon setting up your account, you will be sent a verification email. You must go to your email and verify it before proceeding to the next step.
• Sign in to the Neato app
• Follow steps in the Neato app to CONNECT YOUR ROBOT TIP: Your robot is in pairing mode for the first 60 minutes after you turn on your robot for the first time.
Charging Contacts
Charging Contacts
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User Guide 945-0315 Neato Robotics Kitchen & Bath Fixtures - User Manual PDF.

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