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User Manual Kwikset 98150-002

1. Prepare door and check dimensions 

  • If drilling a new door, use the supplied template and the complete door drilling instructions available at

2. Confirm bottom hole location

  • Fold supplied template along fold line and place on the exterior side of your door so that the holes in the template are aligned with the holes in your door.
  • If you already have the bottom hole drilled in your door, confirm that it aligns with the hole in the template. If it does not align, drill a new hole in step 2C. If the bottom hole is not drilled, use the template to mark the location of the hole on your door. Select the backset that matches the other holes in your door. Drill a new hole in step 2C.
  • Drill new hole if needed

3. Adjust the backset of the bottom latch (if needed)

  • Hold the latch in front of the door hole, with the latch face flush against the door edge.
  • If the semicircular hole is centered in the door hole, no adjustment is required. Proceed to step 4. If the semicircular hole is NOT centered, adjust latch. See “Latch Adjustment” (step 3C).
  • Latch Adjustment (only if needed)

4. Install the bottom latch

  • The slant of bolt faces in direction that door closes.
  • Note: Part numbers are printed on screw bags.

5. Remove lever, paper insert, and rose cover

  • Loosen the preinstalled set screw to remove lever. Do not remove set screw.
  • Pull on paper insert to remove rose cover

6. Install handleset and lever base

Hold the handleset on the exterior side of the door and make sure the round edge of the spindle faces the door edge.

  • A special order thick door handleset must be used with the thick door service kit.

Insert the spindle into the semi-circular hole in the bottom latch.

  • If installing the thick door service kit, use the screw provided in the kit.

Install lever base

Push up on lever base while tightening screws to keep latch horizontal and centered.

  • If installing the thick door service kit, use the screws provided in the kit.

Snap on rose cover.

7. Install lever

  • If your levers are curved, install the lever that curves downward
  • Tighten the preinstalled set screw.

8. Install bottom strike on door frame

  • Close door and test handleset operation. If latch is loose in the strike, adjust the strike tab so it grips the latch bolt better when the door is closed.


Can you replace the interior lever with a Kwikset door knob? If so, which knob is compatible?

  • Not sure on compatibility. But it should work

How many codes can I put

  • Pretty sure it's 16 codes. The spec page says that. I only use two.
  • I think up to 19. I forget. It's somewhere around that number though.

I have a 2×4 exterior wall home exit door has storm door. Will there be enough clearance for the storm door not to hit handle?

  • You need at least 3" of clearance from the exterior surface of your door to the storm door. Be sure to understand where the handle of the storm door lines up with the entry door. I suspect that the 3" clearance needs to be measured from the interior side of the handle of the storm door.

What is the measurement from center of lock to bottom screw. My previous handle was 7ish inches.

  • It is 8 13/32 inches
  • Is this measurement adjustable? My measurements is 9 7/16.

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