User Manual - Page 8

For KOH105WHT. Also, The document are for others Kambrook models: 5 FIN, 7 FIN, 11 FIN

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Using Your Oil Column Heater
Mounting Bracket Assembly
(all models)
NOTE: Always secure the
mounting plate between the
last two fins at each end of the
oil heater.
Fig. 1
NOTE: Make sure that the castor
wheels are positioned away
from the centre of the heater to
provide greater stability.
Fig. 2
1. Place the radiator body upside
down on a soft surface to avoid
damage to the heater. Make sure
it is in a stable position and will
not fall.
Before First Use
Remove any promotional material or
packaging from the heater.
The oil heater requires a small amount
of assembly before use.
Assembling Your Heater
NOTE: Before operation, please
make sure that the castor
wheels have been correctly
fitted to the castor wheel
mounting plate (for KOH105
and KOH107 only) and the
castor wheel mounting plate
is securely fitted to the body of
the oil heater (all models).
Castor Wheel Assembly
(KOH105 and KOH107)
1. Unpack the castor wheels from
the packaging and remove the
nut, spring washer and flat washer
from the castor wheel shaft.
2. Unpack the castor wheel
mounting plate from the
packaging. Feed the castor
wheel shaft upwards through the
underside of the castor wheel
mounting plate, and align the
rectangular locator on the base
of the castor wheel shaft with the
slot on the mounting plate. The
castor wheel shaft and mounting
plate should fit together snuggly.
3. Replace the flat washer and
spring washer back on to the
castor wheel shaft, over the top of
the mounting bracket and secure
tightly with the nut provided. The
nut may need to be tightened
with a spanner.
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