User Manual - Page 4

For KOH105WHT. Also, The document are for others Kambrook models: 5 FIN, 7 FIN, 11 FIN

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Kambrook Recommends Safety First
IMPORTANT: Please retain your
instruction book for future use.
At Kambrook, we believe that safe performance is the first priority in any
consumer product, so that you, our valued customer can confidently
use and trust our products. We ask that any electrical appliance that
you use be operated in a sensible fashion with due care and attention
placed on the following important operating instructions.
Important Safeguards For Your Kambrook
Oil Column Heater
Carefully read all instructions before
operating the Heater and save for
future reference.
Remove any packaging material and
promotional stickers before using the
Heater for the first time.
Connect only to a 230V or 240V
power point.
Avoid touching the heater body while
it is on, as some parts of the heater are
hot. When moving the unit switch off
and hold the heater by the handles
where provided.
Always keep combustible materials
such as drapes and other furnishing at
least 1.7 metres away from the front,
sides and rear of the heater.
To prevent a possible fire or heat
damage, allow ample space around
the heater (at least 0.5m from the
front, top, rear and sides of the heater)
and do not totally or partially covered
the heater in any manner. Check the
units openings from time to time for
accumulated dust.
WARNING: In order to
avoid overheating do
not cover the heater.
Extreme caution and supervision is
necessary when this heater is used by or
near children or invalids.
Extreme caution and supervision is
necessary when this heater is used
near animals.
Important – this heater is intended for
floor use only.
Do not mount on ceiling or walls.
Do not leave the heater unattended.
Always switch off the heater at the
controls and at the power outlet then
unplug from the power outlet when not
in use.
Do not use heater to dry your laundry.
Do not operate heater whilst asleep.
Do not operate any heater with a
damaged cord or plug, or if the heater
has been dropped or damaged in
any manner. Return the heater to your
nearest Kambrook Service Centre for
examination, electrical or mechanical
adjustment or repair.
Do not use outdoors. This heater is not
intended for commercial use, such as
construction sites.
Do not locate the heater immediately
below and in front of a socket outlet
when in use.
Do not use this heater with an
external programmer, timer or any
other device that switches the heater
on automatically. Since a fire risk
may exist if the heater is covered or
positioned incorrectly.
This heater is not intended for use in wet
or moist locations. Do not immerse or
allow liquids to be spilt on the heater.
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