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User Guide Pelonis PAT14H2ZWT Air Conditioner 


  1. Press to select the Fan Speed in four steps-Auto, Low, Med or High.
  2. Each time the button is pressed, the fan speed mode is shifted.
  3. For some models, the fan speed can not be adjusted under HEAT mode. On Dry mode,the fan speed is controlled at Low automatically


  • Press Check filter button to initiate this feature.
  • This featureis a reminder to clean the Air Filter for more efficientoperation.
  • TheLED(light) will illuminate after 250 hours of operation.
  • To reset after cleaning the filter, press the Check Filter button and the light will go off.


  • Press Sleep button to initiate the sleep mode. In this mode the selected temperature will increase (cooling) or decrease (heating) by 2 F/1(or 2) O OC 30 minutes after the mode is selected.
  • T he t emperature will then increase (cooling) or decrease (heating) by another 2 F/1(or 2) O OC after an additional 30 minutes.
  • T his n ew t emperature w ill be m aintained f or 6 h ours beforei t r eturnsto th e originally se lected tem perature.
  • This ends the Sleep mode and the unit will continue t o operate as originally programmed.
  • The Sleep mode program can be cancelled at any time during operation by pressing the Sleep button again

To operate on Auto feature:

  • When you set the air conditioner in AUTO mode, it will automatically select cooling, heating(cooling only models without), or fan only operation depending on what temperature you have selected and the room temperature.
  • The air conditioner will control room temperature automatically round the temperature point set by you.
  • In this mode, the fan speed cannot be adjusted, it starts automatically at a speed according to the room temperature.


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