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Inspect the nozzles in the spray arms for blocked holes
due to remnants of food.
If necessary, pull the lower arm “ 10 ” upwards and lift it off.
Unscrew the upper spray arm “ 9 ”.
Clean both spray arms under running water.
Refit the spray arms. Ensure that the lower arm has locked
into place and the upper one is screwed tight.
Ensure that the power supply is turned off prior to removal
and cleaning of any internal pars.
Spray arms
Lime and remnants of food in the washing water can block the
nozzles in the spray arms “ 9 ” and “ 10 ” and the arm mountings.
Resolving minor problems yourself
Experience has shown that you can resolve most problems that rise during normal daily usage yourself,
without having to call out a service engineer.Not only does this save costs,but it also means that the
appliance is available for use again that much sooner. The following list of common occurrences and
their remedies should help you identify the causes of most problems.
...when the appliance is switched on
Appliance does not start up
Trouble Shooting
Fault with fuse in mains electricity supply.
Plug not inserted in wall socket.
Appliance door not closed properly.
Programme button has not been pressed.
Water tap not turned on.
Blocked strainer in water intake hose.
- The strainer is situated in the Aquastop or supply-hose connection.
Do not forget that repairs should only be carried out by a qualified
specialist. Improper repairs can lead to considerable equipment dam-
age as well as danger to the user.
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