Haier HDW12-TFE3SS Freestanding Dishwasher

Instructions for Use - Page 17

For HDW12-TFE3SS. Also, The document are for others Haier models: HDW12-TFE3WH

PDF File Manual, 30 pages, Read Online | Download pdf file

HDW12-TFE3SS photo
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The upper rack is designed to hold more delicate and lighter
dishware, such as glasses, cups and saucers, plates, small
bowls and shallow pans (as long as they are not too dirty)(see
How to use the upper rack
Lean tall glasses and those with long stems against the shelf-
not against other items to be washed.
Place glasses, cups and small bowls on the additional cup rack.
The additional cup rack can be swivelled in or out as required
(see fig.G).
Adjust the upper basket to the higher level and you have
more space to accommodate those taller pans and trays in
the bottom basket.
Position the dishes and cookware so that they do not get
moved by the spray of water.
The upper rack can be adjusted for height by using the knobs
located on both sides of the rack itself (see fig.F).
Knife rack
The knife rack clips onto the side of the top basket, giving you
the freedom to wash your large sharp knives separately and
out of harm’s way (see fig.H).
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