User Manual Samsung NE63T8911SG/AA - 6.3 Cu. Ft. Smart Slide-in Induction Range

Samsung NE63T8911SG/AA - 6.3 Cu. Ft. Smart Slide-in Induction Range - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User manual Range for Samsung NE63T8911SG/AA

Table of contents

  • Important safety instructions
  • Introducing your new range
  • Overview
  • What’s included with your range
  • Before you begin
  • Energy saving tips
  • Surface cooking
  • About induction cooktop cooking
  • How to set the appliance for cooktop cooking
  • Before using the cooktop
  • How to use dial knob
  • Lock
  • Display mode
  • Turning the oven light on and off
  • Clock
  • Oven cooking
  • Cooking mode
  • Self-cleaning
  • Steam-cleaning
  • Care and cleaning of the oven
  • Care and cleaning of the glass cooktop
  • Removing and reinstalling the oven door
  • Maintaining your appliance
  • Removing and reinstalling the storage drawer
  • Changing the oven light
  • Troubleshooting

Using the correct size cookware

  • The Induction Cooking Zones require that you use pots and pans of a minimum size or larger at each location. The inner ring of each Cooking Zone is your guide to the correct minimum pan size. The pan bottom must fully cover the inner ring for proper cooking to occur.
  • The thicker outer ring at each Cooking Zone is helpful to determine the maximum pan size. After centering the cookware on the cooktop, make sure the cookware does not extend more than 1/2" beyond the thicker line on the Cooking Zone. The pan must fully contact the glass surface without the bottom of the pan touching the metal cooktop trim.

Operating noises

You may hear the following operational noises:

  • Cracking noises : You may hear a cracking noise when you are using cookware made of two or more materials.
  • Whistling : A whistling noise occurs when both back burners are in use. This is caused by vibrations. Whistling can vary depending on the weight or material of the cookware or the type of food you are cooking. (Noise can be reduced by using thicker cookware.)
  • Humming : You may hear a low humming when you set an element to a high power setting. This sound is generated by energy transmission, and it will disappear when cooktop is turned off.
  • Clicking : Electric switches are operating.
  • Hissing, Buzzing : You may hear a fan noise during cooktop/oven operation. You may continue to hear it even after the cooktop/oven is turned off. This is normal. The fan runs to cool down the temperature inside. It will automatically shut off itself after a short period of time.

These noises are normal and do not indicate any defects.

Energy saving tips

You can save valuable energy by observing the following points:

  • Always position pots and pans before switching on the cooking zone.
  • Dirty cooking zones and pan bases increase power consumption.
  • When possible, position lids firmly on pots and pans so that the lids cover them completely.
  • Switch the cooking zones off before the end of the cooking time and use the residual heat to keep food warm.


  • Clean the cooktop before using it for the first time.
  • Clean your cooktop daily or after each use. This will keep your cooktop looking good and can prevent damage.
  • If a spillover occurs while you are cooking, immediately clean the spill from the cooking area while it is hot to prevent a tough cleaning chore later. Using extreme care, wipe the spill with a clean, dry towel.
  • Do not allow spills to remain on the cooking area or the cooktop trim for a long period of time.
  • Do not use abrasive cleansing powders or scouring pads, which will scratch the cooktop.
  • Do not use chlorine bleach, ammonia, or other cleansers not specifically recommended for use on a glass-ceramic surface.

Preventing marks and scratches

  • Do not use glass cookware. It may scratch the cooktop.
  • Do not place a trivet or wok ring between the cooktop and the pan. These items can mark or scratch the cooktop.
  • Make sure the cooktop and the pan bottom are clean.
  • Do not slide metal pans across the cooktop.










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