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User manual Garbage Disposal for Moen GXS75C 


Turn off power at circuit breaker or fuse box. When the old disposal is removed from sink flange, disconnect any hardwired connections or unplug unit. Disclaimer: If you are not familiar with electrical power and procedures, call a qualified electrician.

  • Connect the disposal cord to 110-120 volt, 60 Hz AC current only.
  • This waste disposal is equipped with a factory installed plug-in cord with a three prong grounding plug. If a 110-120 volt, 60 Hz AC grounding outlet is not available, have a proper outlet installed by a qualified electrician, or see section on optional hardwiring in HARDWIRE INSTALLATION section.
  • This waste disposal requires that a dedicated switch with a marked “Off“ position. The switch shall be installed within sight of the sink opening or the disposal.


NOTE: Pay close attention to the order of the mounting assembly parts, as they have been correctly assembled by the factory.

  • Disassemble the mounting assembly from the disposal by turning the lower mount ring until it disengages from the ramps on the mounting ring and the sink flange assembly can be removed. Loosen the 3-mount screws until the mounting ring can be moved up to the backup flange.
  • Use a flat blade screwdriver under one end of the snap ring to remove it from the sink flange. Remove the mounting ring, backup flange and fiber gasket from the sink flange. Note the sequence of these parts as they are stacked in the correct re-assembly sequence. Keep these parts together and set aside. Note: Mounting assembly can accommodate sink thickness up to 1/2". Extended length sink flange available on MOEN.COM.
  • OPTIONAL Flange Alignment: For your convenience, “FRONT” sticker on flange indicates most common logo placement on drain flange above sink. Clean the area around the sink drain where the disposal is to be mounted. Evenly apply 1&frasl

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