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Jbl Nano Patch+ Compact 2 Channel Passive Volume Controller - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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Owners Manual Compact 2 Channel Passive Volume Controller Jbl Nano Patch+  


  • The Nano Patch+ is a versatile passive volume controller in a compact desk-top format.
  • A great way to passively attenuate stereo signals from computer audio soundcards, CD players, pre-amps, and mixers, the Nano Patch+ is designed to allow precise adjustment of monitoring levels from analog audio source material. Featuring balanced combo XLR/TRS input jacks and TRS outputs, as well as 3.5mm Minijack connections, mute switch and a large rotary volume control, the Nano Patch+ is a valuable addition to your studio.
  • The Nano Patch+ employs passive circuit design for a high quality signal path. It simply delivers attenuated signal. Pure, simple transparent.

Volume attenuation

  • The Nano Patch rotary control allows precise level adjustments from 0 to -40dB. Produce the required amount of volume by rotating the volume control in a clockwise direction to increase the volume (reduce the amount of attenuation) or counter-clockwise to reduce the volume and increase the amount of attenuation.

Mute operation

  • The on/off Mute Switch on the front panel allows engagement of the Nano Patch+ built in mute function. When the Mute Switch is engaged, the Nano Patch+ audio signal output is disabled.


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