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  • JBL Charge 3 is IPX7 waterproof .
  • IMPORTANT : To ensure that the JBL Charge 3 is waterproof , please remove all cable connections and tightly close the cap : exposing the JBL Charge 3 to liquids without doing so may result in permanent damage to the speaker . And do not expose JBL Charge 3 to water while charging , as doing so may result in permanent damage to the speaker or power source .
  • IPX7 waterproot is defined a the speaker can be immersed in water up to 1m for up to 30 minutes

How is the Charge 3 different from the Flip 3?

  • Charge 3 has a bigger battery that lasts on average of 5 more hours than the flip 3. Charge 3 doesn't have any wired inputs such aux while the flip 3 does. Charge 3 claims to be waterproof, while the flip 3 is only splash proof. Flip 3 Is also retailing for $99.99 while the charge 3 is $149.99

Can you adjust the bass and or treble?

  • Not on the speaker. You will have to use the source to make fine adjustments.

Have the UE boom and looking into the UE boom 2 or this, loudness how does this compare?

  • The correct comparison for Charge 3 is the Megaboom. Boom 2 is far inferior but if you compare Charge 3 against Megaboom, then Megaboom is a clear winner, well imo. Both have the same specs on paper. Megaboom's drivers are a bit bigger, it can be connected with NFC, has less charging time, has longer warranty period. Charge 3 has a microphone and thats it. If you don't have the budget for the Megaboom, then get the Charge. 

Does this speaker only work in blue tooth mode or can I plug into the usb & listen to my music on my ipod?

  • The speaker will work via Bluetooth and 3.5mm "aux" cable but not via USB. World Wide Stereo is 37 years old and a very proud JBL dealer.

Has it been tested by someone as speaker and microphone with skype for making calls using laptop?

  • Yes, I have Charge 3 and Flip 3 and works great using it with Lync or Skype for business, I use it a lot for making calls paired with macbook pro


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