User Manual Samsung WF42H5200AP/A2 4.2 cu. ft. Front Load Washer

Samsung WF42H5200AP/A2 4.2 cu. ft. Front Load Washer - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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  • Owner's manual - (English, French, Spanish)

User manual Washing Machine


  • Installing your washer
  • Unpacking your washer
  • Overview of your washer
  • Electrical
  • Grounding
  • Water
  • Drain facility
  • Flooring
  • Location considerations
  • Alcove or closet installation
  • Undercounter installation (washer only)
  • With optional pedestal base or stacking kit
  • Important note to installer
  • Installation flow chart
  • operating instructions
  • Loading your washer
  • Washing clothes: Basic Instructions
  • washing a load of laundry
  • Overview of the control panel
  • Child Lock
  • Garment+
  • Delay End
  • My Cycle
  • Sound
  • Smart Care
  • Washing clothes using the cycle selector
  • Using steam wash
  • ATC (Auto Temperature Control)
  • Detergent use
  • Features
  • maintaining your washer
  • Cleaning the exterior
  • Cleaning the interior
  • Cleaning the dispensers
  • Storing your washer
  • Cleaning the debris filter
  • Cleaning the door Diaphragm
  • Preserving the top cover and the front frame
  • Self Clean+
  • troubleshooting
  • Check these solutions if your washer…
  • Information codes appendix
  • Fabric care chart
  • Cycle chart
  • Helping the environment
  • Declaration of conformity
  • Specification

Caution signs for installation

This appliance should be positioned in such a way that it is accessible to the power plug.

  • Failing to do so may result in electric shock or fire due to electric leakage. Install your appliance on a level and hard floor that can support its weight.
  • Failing to do so may result in abnormal vibrations, noise, or problems with the product.

Unplug the power plug when the appliance is not being used for long periods of time or during a thunder/lightning storm.

  • Failing to do so may result in electric shock or fire.

Cleaning the exterior

Turn off the water faucets after finishing the day’s washing. This will shut off the water supply to your washer and prevent the unlikely possibility of damage from escaping water. Leave the door open to allow the inside of your washer to dry out. Use a soft cloth to wipe up all detergent, bleach or other spills as they occur. Clean the following as recommended below: Control Panel – Clean with a soft, damp cloth. Do not use abrasive powders or cleaning pads. Do not spray cleaners directly on the panel. Cabinet – Clean with soap and water.

Cleaning the interior

Clean the interior of your washer periodically to remove any dirt, soil, odor, mold, mildew, or bacterial residue that may remain in your washer as a result of washing clothes. Failure to follow these instructions may result in unpleasant conditions, including odors and/or permanent stains on your washer or laundry. Hard water deposits may be removed, if needed. Use a cleaner labeled “Washer safe”.

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Why is the door latch loose on my washing machine?
Don't worry if the door latch on your washing machine seems
loose, this is normal. The door latch is designed to move so that
the locking mechanism in the washer can grab onto the latch.
If the latch were rigid, the lock mechanism would not be able to
grab the latch properly, causing check code dC/DC.
Don't book a repair or service for a loose latch unless you are
experiencing another issue or check code.

How to resolve a 5E or 5C error code on a washing machine?
A 5E or 5C error code indicates that the washing machine has
detected a drainage issue. The most common reason for this
error is a blocked filter or a kinked drain hose. You should also
check that the drain hose has been installed properly and clean
the hose thoroughly to remove any blockages that may be
preventing your washing machine from draining properly.

How do I use the detergent drawer compartments in my washing
our washing machine has different compartments for different
washing aids (for example detergents, washing powders,
bleaches and fabric softeners). Make sure you add the correct
type of detergent to the correct compartment when operating
the washing machine. There are also several different types of
detergent drawer, depending on your washing machine.