User Manual Vevor 110-120LBS/24H 110V Commercial Ice Maker Ice Cream

Vevor 110-120LBS/24H 110V Commercial Ice Maker Ice Cream - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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  • Owner's manual - (English)

User manual Commercial Ice Cream, Yogurt Machines for Vevor 110-120LBS/24H 


  • Receiving And Checking
  • Receiving and checking
  • Foot Installation & Placement
  • Electrical safety
  • The outer packing of the machine is intact.
  • Machine's model is consistent with your purchased.
  • Installation of Water Supply
  • The appearance of the machine is in good condition.
  • All-in-one Machine Installation Diagram
  • The attaced part sare complete.
  • Split Machine Installation Diagram
  • The internal components of the machine are in good condition.
  • Ice Machine Work Steps
  • SK/SM Control Panel Operating Manual
  • SA Control Panel Operating Manual
  • DZ Control Panel Operating Manual
  • Routine Cautions
  • Falut Self-diagnosis
  • Maintenance
  • P70 Water Tank Clean
  • Submersible Pump Clean
  • Drainage Pump Application
  • Fault Detection
  • Before Contacting After-sale Service

Foot Installation & Placement

  1. Screw the feet of the ice machine to the baseplate.
  2. Each foot must be screwed up and tightened so as not to bend.
  3. Put the ice machine in a sturdy and flat position.
  4. Adjust the height of the foot to make the ice machine level.
  5. The ice machine is not suitable to be used in the outdoors. The normal using ambient temperature is between 10~38 degree centigrade, and the water temperature is between 5~30 degree centigrade.
  6. High temperature will seriously reduce the amount of ice output. We suggest that the client put the ice machine in a room with cold air. It is strictly forbidden to put together with high temperature equipment (such as refrigerators, ovens
  7. Ice machine should not be installed in environments without sewers and drainage.
  8. Air-cooled ice machine relies on air circulation for heat dissipation.

Therefore, more than 15 cm of space should

Electrical safety 

  1. It is strictly forbidden to plug in and out when hands are wet. The power supply must be unplugged before maintenance and cleaning.
  2. It is necessary to ensure that sockets are equipped with grounding wires and are grounded safely.
  3. Electrical control system has more than 36V

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Vevor 110-120LBS/24H Questions and Answers

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Can this be used under the counter? Is there recommended clearance?
Yes just make sure you have the drainage space for it

What is the size is the ice maker?
Mine never made ice so I can’t answer about size Had to return mine and it was a huge pain to communicate and get resolution.

Will this unit turn back on automatically after a power outage or power surge?
Yes but a word of advice, mine lasted about 5 months and died. No one to service or fix it, get a warranty if ya can or don’t buy it. I got absolutely no help from the manufacturer.

Does this until keep the ice frozen?
The ice machines storage bins are insulated holding tanks, the ice does melt over time and the ice machine will sense it lower and drop more ice

Does this have an automatic water line?
No it comes with a short drain line, you must hove your own water supply line and connector.

Are all of the compartments lockable; or just the top?
There are three locks up on top. Each lock locks the top and bottom of each section

How do I get replacement parts?
I do not know, The filter is not necessary if you are hooked up to City Water or a filtered well water. Don't know what parts you would be talking about.

How big is the freezer side?
The freezer section is contained within two of the doors. Inside each door, the measurements are approximately 24ht, 21d, and 20.5w for each of the doors. Inside each door there is also a shelf so stacking and organizing is easy. We love the unit but we use it for personal not commercial purposes.



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