User Manual Pelonis PP09HMB82 9,000 BTU 230-Volt Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner

Pelonis PP09HMB82 9,000 BTU 230-Volt Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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  • Owner's manual - (English)

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Owner’s Manual Package Terminal Air Conditioner Pelonis PP09HMB82


  • Safety Precautions
  • Air Conditioner Features
  • Control Panel Operation
  • Dip Switches Configuration
  • Dip Switches Configuration By Panel Control
  • Wall Thermostat Terminal
  • Installation Instructions
  • Care And Cleaning
  • Troubleshooting Tips
  • Warranty

Operation of Current Device

The power supply cord contains a current device that senses damage to the power cord. To test your power supply cord do the following:

  1. Plug in the Air Conditioner.
  2. The power supply cord will have TWO buttons on the plug head. Press the TEST button, you will notice a click as the RESET button pops out.
  3. Press the RESET button, again you will notice a click as the button engages.  
  4. The power supply cord is now supplying electricity to the unit. (On some products this it also indicated by a light on the plug head.)

How to install the unit

For existing sleeve, you should measure the wall sleeve dimensions.  

  • Install the new air conditioner according to these installation instructions to achieve the best performance. All wall sleeves used to mount the new air conditioner must be in good structural condition and have a rear grille that securely attaches to the sleeve or the flange of the sleeve to secure the new air conditioner.
  • To avoid vibration and excess noise, make sure the unit is installed securely and firmly.
  • When installing the sleeve, make certain there is nothing within 20” of the back of the unit that would interfere with heat radiation and exhaust air flow

Care and cleaning


  • Turn unit off and disconnect power supply. To clean, use water and a mild detergent. DO NOT use bleach or abrasives. Some commercial cleaners may damage the plastic parts.


  • Coil on outdoor side of unit should be checked regularly. Unit will need to be removed to inspect dirt build-up that will occur on the inside of the coil.
  • If clogged with dirt and soot, coil should be professionally cleaned of debris. Clean inside and outside of outdoor coils regularly.

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Pelonis PP09HMB82 Questions and Answers

Does it heat by reverse ac , or heat strip only?
It heats with compressor until temp is too low then switches over to strip. Both don’t run at same time. I think the strip cuts in when the outside ambient temp is below 40 degrees.

Do i need to cut a hole in my wall to put this unit in, or can i use the sleeve only inside for the installation?
Yes, you need a hole. The sleeve screws into the wall. When mounted in the sleeve, one side of the unit is inside the room, and provides cold air, the other side of the unit is outside, and exhausts the heat.

What is the seer rating
PTAC systems do not have SEER only EER which is 9.6 for this model

Can i connect this to a gas line for heating?
No it’s completely electric power for heating and cooling. No gas at all.

Can you ad a thermostat across the room to control it? How would you rate it for noise.
You can attach a 3rd party wall thermostat by screwing wires in under the cover. The noise is very minimal compared to window units. I have to get pretty close to hear it running at all. Most noise is heard outside you can hear it running about 8-10 ft away.