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Temenos T24 Core Banking Application Development - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Manual
  • Owner's manual - (English)
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TEMENOS T24 Application Development User Guide. 

Note: These materials are contributed by users and from different sources. Possibly, they were not created by the Temenos Company.

Table of contents: TEMENOS T24 Application Development User Guide

  • Overview
  • Creating an Application
  • Naming
  • Step 1 - Defining the Application
  • Stereotypes
  • Classifications
  • Non Stop Processing
  • Step 2 - Define the Fields (.FIELDS)
  • Standard APIs
  • Field Settings
  • Field Names and Grouping
  • Field Length
  • Field Type
  • Virtual Tables
  • Operations
  • Standard Fields
  • Example Fields Types – APIs
  • Example Fields Types - Arrays
  • Step 3 – Artefact Creation using EB.DEV.HELPER
  • Step 4 – Adding Business Logic to the Application
  • Initialisation (.INITIALISE)
  • Checking the Function (.FUNCTION)
  • Checking the ID (.ID)
  • Checking the Record (.RECORD)
  • ...

This document explains how to develop applications in T24.

T24 has an extensive infrastructure in place that enables the rapid development of business components. The creation and maintenance of T24 applications is based on a series of templates, which have had numerous incarnations throughout the life of T24. Now in its fourth iteration, this document details how applications are created in a step by step process. For an understanding of the genesis of the templates, refer to the appendix “Older Templates”. This document does not explain the process of the previous release of the templates – refer to “Template Programming V3”.

T24 is based on a one to one relationship between the data fields on the screen and the data fields in a file. The only way to enter data into T24 is via an APPLICATION which records the data entered and stores it in an associated file, field by field.

There are the following stereotypes:

Application allows the full functionality of T24: data entry, authorisation, deletion, history restore, etc. e.g. CUSTOMER

Display is used to simply view the data on a file maintained by the system rather than the user e.g. STMT.ENTRY


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