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User care Samsung GALAXY Z FOLD3 Mobile

Table of Contents

  • Features
  1. S Pen | Mobile continuity | Biometric security | Dark mode
  • Getting started
  1. Device Layout: Galaxy Z Fold3 5G | Folded | Adaptive flex mode | Galaxy Z Flip3 5G | Folded | Flex mode
  2. Set up your device: Maintaining water resistance | Charge the battery | Wireless power sharing | Accessories
  3. Start using your device: Turn on your device | Use the Setup Wizard | Bring data from an old device | Lock or unlock your device | Side key settings | Accounts | Set up voicemail | Navigation | Navigation bar | Customize your home screen | S Pen | Bixby | Digital wellbeing and parental controls | Always On Display | Biometric security | Mobile continuity | Multi window | Edge panels | Enter text | Emergency mode
  4. Customize your home screen: App icons | Wallpaper | Themes | Icons | Widgets | Home screen settings | Easy mode | Status bar | Notification panel | Quick settings
  • Camera and Gallery
  1. Camera: Navigate the camera screen | Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Camera features | Galaxy Z Flip3 Camera features | Configure shooting mode | AR Zone | Record videos | Camera settings
  2. Gallery: View pictures | Edit pictures | Play video | Video brightness | Edit video | Share pictures and videos | Delete pictures and videos | Group similar images | Take a screenshot | Screen recorder
  • Mobile continuity
  1. Link to Windows | Samsung DeX | Call and text on other devices | Continue apps on other devices

WARNING Your device contains magnets. Keep a safe distance between your device and objects that may be affected by magnets such as credit cards and implantable medical devices. If you have an implantable medical device, consult your physician before use.

• Do not press the screen or the front camera with a hard or sharp object or apply excessive pressure. Doing so could result in scratching or puncturing the screen.

• This device is not dust-resistant. Exposure to small particles may cause damage to the device.

• When using the speakers do not plac


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