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User manual Fan Heater for Dyson AM09


  • Do not carry out any maintenance or repair work other than that shown in this Dyson Operating Manual, or advised by the Dyson Customer Care Helpline.
  • Always disconnect the plug from the mains before inspecting for problems. If the appliance will not operate, first check the mains socket has electricity supply and that the plug is properly inserted into the socket.


  • Ensure appliance is fully assembled in line with the instructions before use. Do not dismantle the appliance or use without the loop amplifier fitted.
  • The appliance will not operate in heating mode unless the target temperature is above the room temperature.
  • Each time the heating mode is selected, it conducts a short calibration cycle. Airflow will be automatically controlled during this cycle. Once the calibration cycle is complete, it will revert to the selected airflow speed.
  • The appliance will not oscillate when the control buttons are pressed.
  • Do not lubricate any part of this appliance.

Control without the remote

  • Press the Standby button on the appliance to turn ON/OFF.
  • Press and hold the standby button on the appliance to adjust the target temperature. The target temperature will increase to a maximum before decreasing. If the target temperature is set at 0°C it will switch from heating to cool mode.
  • The airflow, diffused and personal heating modes, oscillation function and sleep timer controls cannot be operated without the remote control.

Tilt function

  • Carefully hold the base and the main body. Tilt the amplifier forward or backward for the required airflow angle.

Automatic cut-out

  • For your safety this appliance is fitted with automatic cut-out switches that operate if the appliance tips over or overheats. If the switches operate, unplug the appliance and allow it to cool. Before restarting the appliance check and clear any blockages and ensure the appliance is on a solid level surface.
  • In heating mode the appliance will automatically switch ‘OFF’ after 9 hours of continuous use and will return to standby mode. To restart the machine, press the power button on either the remote control or the base.


  • Fault codes F4, F5, F6: If one of these appears on the display, unplug the appliance, wait for 30 to 60 seconds and/or plug the appliance into a different socket. If you continue to receive the fault code, please contact the Dyson Customer Care Helpline.
  • Fault codes F2, F3, F7: If one of these appears on the display, please contact the Dyson Customer Care Helpline.

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