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For IR1070S-3. Also, The document are for others Black+Decker models: IR1070S

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Product may vary slightly from what is illustrated.
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1. Spray nozzle
2. Water-fill cover
3. Fabric select
4. Spray button
5. Steam button
6. Power indicator
7. Handle
8. 360° pivoting
9. Slip-resistant
10. Fabric guide
11. Translucent
water tank
12. Auto Clean®
13. Soleplate
Please Read and Save this Use and Care Book.
When using your iron, basic safety precautions should always be
followed, including the following:
Use iron only for its intended use.
To protect against a risk of electric shock, do not immerse the
iron in water or other liquids.
❍The iron should always be turned to the minimum (min) setting
before plugging or unplugging from outlet. Never yank cord
to disconnect from the outlet; instead grasp plug and pull to
Do not allow cord to touch hot surfaces. Let iron cool
completely before putting away. Loop cord loosely around iron
when storing.
Always disconnect iron from electrical outlet when filling with
water or emptying, and when not in use.
Do not operate iron with a damaged cord, or if the iron has
been dropped or damaged. To avoid the risk of electric shock,
do not disassemble the iron; take it to a qualified service
person for examination and repair, or call the appropriate toll-
free number on the cover of this manual. Incorrect reassembly
can cause a risk of electric shock when the iron is used.
❍Close supervision is necessary for any appliance being used by
or near children. Do not leave iron unattended while connected
or on an ironing board.
Burns can occur from touching hot metal parts, hot water or
Use caution when you turn a steam iron upside down or use
the surge of steam – there may be hot water in the reservoir.
Avoid rapid movement of iron to minimize hot water spillage.
To avoid a circuit overload, do not operate another high-
wattage appliance on the same circuit.
If an extension cord is absolutely necessary, a cord rated at 15
amperes should be used. Cords rated for less amperage may
overheat. Care should be taken to arrange the cord so that it
cannot be pulled or tripped over.
This product is for household use only.
This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than
the other). To reduce the risk of electric shock, this plug is
intended to fit into a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug
does not fit fully into the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does
not fit, contact a qualified electrician. Do not attempt to modify
the plug in any way.
Warning: This appliance is equipped with a tamper-resistant
screw to prevent removal of the outer cover. To reduce the
risk of fire or electric shock, do not attempt to remove the
outer cover. There are no user-serviceable parts inside.
Repair should be done only by authorized service personnel.
Note: If the power-supply cord is damaged, it should be
replaced by qualified personnel, or in Latin America by an
authorized service center.
How to Use
This appliance is intended for household use only.
Remove any labels, stickers or tags attached to the body or soleplate
of the iron.
Please go to to register your warranty.
Note: Use ordinary tap water for ironing. Do not use water processed
through a home softening system.
Important: For optimum performance, let the iron stand for 90 seconds
before beginning to iron.
1. With iron on flat surface with soleplate down,
open water-fill cover (A).
2. Tilt the iron and using a clean measuring cup,
pour water into opened chamber until water
reaches the MAX level mark on the side of the
water tank. Do not overfill.
3. Close the water-fill cover.
4. Plug in the iron. The power indicator light illuminates.
Note: If you need to add water while ironing, unplug the iron and follow
above steps.
Tip: If unsure of a garment's fiber, test a small area (on an inside seam
or hem) before ironing.
The automatic shutoff feature in your iron works as follows:
Once the iron reaches appropriate temperature,
it will turn off after 30 seconds of inactivity if left
on its soleplate or tipped over on its side. If left
vertically on its heel rest, it will shut off after
8 minutes (B).
The power indicator light starts blinking to let you know that the iron
has stopped heating.
As soon as you pick up the iron, it will start heating again. Wait for
iron to reheat completely before resuming operation.
The Smart Steam
system automatically produces steam when you turn
the fabric select dial between settings 4 and 6.
Tip: Use to remove stubborn creases.
1. With the water tank filled to the MAX mark, set fabric select dial to
appropriate setting (between 4 and 6) for your fabric. See fabric guide
under the heel rest and read garment's label to help you determine
fabric type.
2. Be sure there is water in the reservoir. Steam is automatically turned
off between settings 0 and 3.
3. For best performance, use surge of steam at 5-second intervals.
4. When finished ironing, turn the fabric select dial to 0 and unplug
the iron.
Important: Always stand the iron on its heel rest when powered on but
not in use.
Tip: Use for removing wrinkles from hanging clothes and drapes.
1. Be sure the water tank is filled to the MAX mark.
2. Hang the garment to be steamed on a clothes hanger. (Curtains or
drapes can be steamed once they are hung.)
3. Set the fabric select dial to appropriate setting (between 4 and 6) for
your fabric.
4. Hold the iron close to, but not touching, the fabric.
5. Pull the fabric tight in your free hand and press the button as you
move the iron over the fabric.
Tip: Use to dampen tough wrinkles at any setting.
1. Be sure the iron is filled with water.
2. On first use, pump the button several times.
The anti drip system prevents water spotting at low temperatures.
1. Turn the fabric select dial to setting 1, 2, or 3 to iron without steam.
2. To dry iron at higher settings, empty the water from the reservoir to
prevent steaming.
1. Unplug the iron and let it cool.
2. To release the water, hold the iron over a sink with the tip pointing
down and to one side. Water will empty out of the water-fill opening.
8 minutes
30 seconds
Care and Cleaning
This product contains no user-serviceable parts. Refer service to
qualified service personnel.
Make sure iron is unplugged and has cooled completely. Wipe the
soleplate and outer surfaces with a soft cloth dampened with water. Add
mild household detergent. Never use abrasives, heavy-duty cleansers,
vinegar or scouring pads that may scratch or discolor the iron.
After cleaning, steam iron over an old cloth to remove any residue
from the steam vents.
Tip: To keep the steam vents free of any buildup, follow these
instructions about once a month:
1. Fill the water tank well below the MAX line. Plug in the iron.
2. Turn the fabric select dial to 6 and stand the iron on its heel rest.
Allow it to heat.
3. Turn fabric select dial to 0, unplug the iron and hold over a sink
with the soleplate facing down.
4. Press and hold the AUTO CLEAN
button. Be careful, as hot water
and steam will come out of the steam vents. Continue to hold the
button until all the water has emptied. If necessary,
rock iron side-to-side and front-to-back.
5. When finished, release the button, stand the iron on its heel rest and
plug it in. Heat for about 2 minutes to dry out any remaining water.
1. Unplug the iron and allow it to cool.
2. Check that the selector is set to 0.
3. Store vertically on its heel to prevent water leaking from the
For service, repair or any questions regarding your appliance, call the
appropriate 800 number on cover of this booklet. Please DO NOT return the
product to the place of purchase. Also, please DO NOT mail product back to
manufacturer, nor bring it to a service center. You may also want to consult
the website listed on the cover of this manual.
(Applies only in the United States and Canada)
What does it cover?
Any defect in material or workmanship provided; however, Applica’s
liability will not exceed the purchase price of product.
For how long?
Two years from the date of original purchase with proof of such purchase.
What will we do to help you?
Provide you with a reasonably similar replacement product that is either
new or factory refurbished.
How do you get service?
Save your receipt as proof of date of sale.
Visit the online service website at, or call
toll-free 1-800-231-9786, for general warranty service.
If you need parts or accessories, please call 1-800-738-0245.
What does your warranty not cover?
Damage from commercial use
Damage from misuse, abuse or neglect
Products that have been modified in any way
Products used or serviced outside the country of purchase
Glass parts and other accessory items that are packed with the unit
Shipping and handling costs associated with the replacement of the unit
Consequential or incidental damages (Please note, however, that some
states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of consequential or
incidental damages, so this limitation may not apply to you.)
How does state law relate to this warranty?
This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other
rights that vary from state to state or province to province.
is a registered trademark of The Black & Decker
Corporation, Towson, Maryland, USA
es una marca registrada de The Black & Decker Corporation,
Towson, Maryland, E.U.
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