Samsung DW80N3030US/AA Front Control Dishwasher with Hybrid Interior - Use Manual

Samsung DW80N3030US/AA Front Control Dishwasher with Hybrid Interior - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF download or read online.

DW80N3030 Series 


user manual

using your dishwasher


1. Open the door and load your dishes (see page 14).

- Place dishes into the upper and lower racks, unless you have selected Lower Rack.

- Remove any food remains from the dishes before placing them in the rack(s).

- After placing the dishes into the racks, rotate the nozzles by hand to check whether any of the dishes will interfere with them.

- Make sure the dishes will not prevent the detergent dispenser from opening.

2. Add detergent to the dispenser (see page ).

- Make sure to use only automatic dishwasher detergent and rinse aid.

- Refer to “Using detergent” on page for instructions explaining how to add detergent and rinse aid.

3. Press the Power button.

- When you press the Power button, the entire display turns on and off, and then the indicator of the most recently finished cycle lights up.

- If "Low Rinse" ( ) is illuminated, you should refill the rinse aid dispenser to improve washing and drying performance.

- If "Low Rinse" is illuminated, the temperature and time.

4. Select an appropriate cleaning cycle depending on the soil level of the dishes. (See pages 9 and 2 .)

- Press the appropriate cycle button.

- When you press a cycle button, the cycle indicator lights up.

5. Press the Start button, and then close the door within 3 seconds.

- The dishwasher will start draining after a few seconds, and then start the selected cycle.

- Make sure to close the door firmly. If the door is not closed properly, the selected cycle will not start automatically.

6. When the wash cycle is completed.

- The light illuminates and the dishwasher sounds a chime.

- The dishwasher powers off automatically.

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