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Owner's Manual Multi-Fire Xd 25-Inch Electric Firebox for Dimplex PF2325HL


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  • Fireplace Installation
  • Operation
  • Maintenance
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General Operation

  • This firebox operates with Comfort$averTM technology, which automatically adjusts the fan speed and heater wattage to safely and precisely match the requirements of the room based on the thermostat setting. The heater operates such that once the room reaches the set point, the fan and heater will continuously run at a low level, to maintain the desired room temperature. If the temperature in the room rises significantly, i.e. sun coming through a window or a central furnace turns on, the heater and fan will turn off and periodically turn back on to circulate the air around the unit, until the room temperature drops and requires the heater to be constantly on again.
  • NOTE: The unit is designed so that the fan will run continuously while the heater is on.
  • NOTE: The element retains heat after shutdown, there is a built in cool down period of 1 minute before the fan shuts off completely.

WaveTM Controls

  • The fireplace can be operated by a simple "wave" in-front of the unit. By waving your hand vertically approximately 4 in. (102 mm) in-front of the gWaveTM sensor in the upper right hand corner of the unit, the unit and different control functions can be activated. This is also indicated by the LED light turning green.
  • There is a Gesture On/Off button located below the LED pilot light which can be used to turn this feature On or Off (a more detailed description is located below with the individual feature options). It is recommended that a straightened paperclip be used to press the button through the small hole. When the gWaveTM controls are turned off, the green light will flash 4 times before turning off and it will remain solid green when the gWaveTM controls are active


Glass Cleaning

  • The front glass is cleaned

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