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Denon AVR-2313CI Networking Home Theater Receiver - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Manual for Denon AVR-2313CI

Table of Contents

Before You Begin

What’s In the Box

Required for setup

Note that the illustrations in this manual is for explanation purposes and may differ from the actual unit.

Setup Steps

There are three steps to the setup process.

1 Install batteries in the remote control unit

2 Connect the receiver to your TV

3 Follow the On-Screen Setup Assistant

Installing batteries in the remote control unit

Connecting the receiver to your TV

Place the receiver near your TV.

Connect the receiver to your TV with an HDMI cable.

Turn on the TV.

Select the appropriate HDMI input on your TV.

Turn on receiver.

• Turn on receiver as shown below.

Follow the On-Screen Setup Assistant

The Setup Assistant will walk you through connecting and configuring your speakers and components to your DENON receiver. Please use the remote control and follow the on-screen instructions.

Owner’s Manual

The included CD-ROM contains an Adobe PDF version of the full owner’s manual for the AV receiver. Please reference this manual for more details about the setup and operation of the receiver and it’s features.

1 Insert the disc into your PC.

2 Follow the screen or double click on the PDF file.

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AVR 2313CI Photo

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Denon AVR-2313CI Questions and Answers

#1 With two HDMI outputs can each HDMI output draw from different sources. If you have two TV's can one hdmi output watch TV and the other watch a DVD?
No, the same input only. The next model up with 3 outputs can have different sources on different outputs though.

#2 is this receiver compatible with definitive technology floor standing speakers?
This receiver is capable to handle speakers from 4 ohms to 8 ohms, if your speakers are in this range there should be no problem at all.

#3 How many speakers can hook up this denon avr-2313ci?
Hello, seven passive speakers and two powered subwoofers can be hooked to the Denon AVR-2313CI receiver. This is a 7.2 receiver.