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Please take a minute to read through these instructions to get the most from your Sparkling Water Machine.


• Only rinse bottles in cold soapy water

• Do not wash bottles in dishwasher

• Do not freeze bottles

• Only carbonate water - add favours later

• For best results chill water frst

We have a range of favours available to turn your sparkling water into delicious soft drink.

Replacement CO2 Cylinders are available at 1.200+ locations throughout Australia.

Visit for your nearest exchange location.



1. Fill the SodaKING reusable bottle with chilled water to the fll-line. located approximately 5cm down from the neck of the bottle. Chilled water works best. as carbonation is more efcient when the water is cold.

HINT: Keeping a reusable SodaKING bottle full of water in the fridge means you will always have cold water ready.

Do not place bottle in the freezer.

2. Screw the reusable bottle into your SodaKING Sparkling Water Machine frmly.

3. Press the carbonation button once FIRMLY for about 1 second only. then wait 3-5 seconds. If you prefer your water to be bubblier. repeat this process until the desired level of carbonation has been reached. You may hear the whoosh’ of the pressure release valve. This is a normal part of the machine’s operation.

4. When you are happy with level of carbonation. tilt the bottle forward to release the pressure. You will hear the pressure release. Wait a further 3-5 seconds before removing the reusable bottle from the SodaKING Sparkling Water Machine.

5. It’s time to enjoy your sparkling water. or gently add favours or fruit to your sparkling water.

Please be aware that your SodaKING Sparkling Water Machine is only to carbonate water. All fruit. favours and any other products must be added AFTER you have carbonated your water.

If you carbonate any liquid other than water your warranty will be void.

When your gas cylinder is empty. refer to for your nearest exchange location.

“What’s the little black ring?”. you ask.

Every SodaKING Sparkling Water Machine comes with a rubber ring already in place that seals the surface between the cylinder and the machine.

We provide a spare in the event yours becomes damaged or is missing.

Never wash your reusable bottle with hot water or put it in the dishwasher. To clean just rinse with lukewarm or cold soapy water.

Having a problem?

Don't waste your precious time returning to the store you bought your machine from. Just give us a call on (03) 9081 7600 or email us at [email protected]

Customer service is a high priority at SodaKING. so give us a call or email and we’ll help you.

Here’s a quick guide to making the perfect sparkling water.

With the CO2 injector pointing forward. screw your chilled bottle in until it is frm. Then push the base of the bottle gently forward until it is in the upright position.

Finally. gently pull the bottom of the bottle forward. You will hear the remaining CO2 escape from the bottle. Unscrew the bottle. You are now ready to add your favour or just enjoy straight!

Pull the base of the bottle forward and unscrew to remove it from the Sparkling Water Machine. Fill the bottle with tap water to the indicator line approx 5cm from the neck of the bottle and place in the fridge to chill.

Remove the seal and cap from the top of the CO2 Cylinder and slide it up through the base of the Sparkling Water Machine and frmly screw it up into the thread at the top.

SPARK TM / CLASSIC TM Setup Instructions

Press down on the carbonation button frmly for 1 second only then wait a couple of seconds and repeat this process if required.

You may hear the whoosh’ of the pressure release valve. This is normal.

SodaKING Australia Pty Ltd Unit 4. 745 Springvale Road Mulgrave Victoria 3170 Australia Phone (03) 9081 7600

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