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Read all instructions before using this appliance.

When using this appliance. always exercise basic safety precautions. including the following:

Use this appliance only for its intended purpose as described in this instruction manual.

This Wine Cellar must be properly grounded in accordance with the installation instructions before it is used.

See grounding instructions in the Installation section.

This model can either be built-in or free-standing.

Built-in units vent at the bottom front. and airflow at the front of this vent must be unimpeded.

The unit must have a minimum of 3" of space around both sides and the back of the appliance.

If the unit is placed on a countertop or stand. the front surface of the door must be 3" or more back from the edge of the countertop or stand in order to avoid accidental tipping of the appliance during normal usage.

Never unplug the unit by pulling on the power cord. Always grip the plug firmly and pull straight out from the outlet.

Repair or replace any cord that is frayed.

Do not use a cord that shows cracks or abrasions along its length.



Avoid the risk of child entrapment.

If the product is not in use. remove the doors so that small children cannot get trapped inside.

Table of Contents

Safety Instructions

Technical Specifications

Location of Parts


Operating Your Wine Cellar

Care and Cleaning


Limited Warranty

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Technical Specifications

Model: FWC36

Capacity: 36 standard wine bottles

Electrical Input: VAC~60HZ

Current Rating: 1.6A

Unit dimensions: Width: 23.5" (597 mm) Depth: 23.5" (597 mm) Height: 33.4" (848 mm) Weight: 123 Ibs. (56 kg)

Location of Parts

Control panels



(one at rear of each compartment)

Drip trays (one in each compartment)

Double-pane glass doors


Control Panel

Alarm Compressor Temperature


Light Switch SET Button LCD Display UP/DOWN Buttons


The FWC36 Wine Cellar is designed to be either free-standing or built-in.

It has a fan at the bottom of the unit to direct compressor-generated heat away from the compressor and through vents in the front of the unit. There must be a minimum of 3" of space around both sides and the back of the appliance and the airflow from the vents at the front of the system must be unimpeded.

Once the unit is positioned. the leveling legs should be turned to level the Wine Cellar.

Electrical Connection


For your personal safety. this appliance must be properly grounded.

In the event of an electrical short circuit. grounding reduces the risk of shock by providing an escape wire for the electric current.

This appliance is equipped with a cord having grounding wire with a grounding plug.

The plug must be inserted into an outlet that is prop erly grounded and installed.

Consult a qualified electrician if you do not completely under stand the grounding instructions.


Use of Extension Cords

Avoid the use of an extension cord because of potential safety hazards under certain condi tions.

If it is necessary to use an extension cord. be sure to use only a 3-wire extension cord that has a 3-blade grounding plug.

Use a 3-slot outlet that will accept the plug. The marked rating of the extension cord must be equal or greater than the electrical rating of the appliance.

Operating Your Wine Cellar

IMPORTANT: Do not plug in the wine cellar for at least 24 hours after unit is set in place.

Failure to do so may result in the unit working improperly.

Two-Compartment Design

The FWC36 has two separate compartments. each having a capacity of 18 bottles.

Each com


Turning on the Unit The wine cellar turns on automatically when it is plugged in.

If you want to use the Automatic Temperature (default) setting. do nothing further.

The unit will

Temperature Setting Wine Storage Temperatures: While wines store best at temperatures around 56-58 degrees

Fahrenheit. your unit also allows you to store wine at drinking temperatures.

Generally RED

WINE should be kept at 60-62 degrees Fahrenheit and WHITE WINE. which is usually served chilled. should be kept at 54-55 degrees Fahrenheit.

To adjust the temperature. press the SET button. then use the UP/DOWN keys to navigate to the preferred temperature.

For example. if you are storing red wine. you may want to set

When the correct temperature appears in the DISPLAY Window of the Control Panel. press SET to confirm.

Remember that each compartment has separate controls so you will need to set the temperature in both compartments separately.

Please note: Cold air falls and warmer air rises. and there will be a small temperature varia tion from the bottom of the unit to the top. The temperature gauge is located in the middle of the unit and records the temperature at the middle of the unit. The temperature at the bottom of the unit will always be slightly colder.

Drip Trays

Packed with the unit are two small plastic trays.

They should be placed at the back of each

Operating the Internal Lights Each compartment has an internal light to make it easier for you to see the wines you have stored.

To turn these lights on or off. simply use the ON/OFF button located on the left side of the control panel.

Please note: The internal lights should not be left on for a prolonged period of time. since the heat generated can raise the temperature of the stored wine.

Compressor Run Indicator When your unit's compressor is running. both control panels will display moving icons represent ing a running fan. If the compressor stops running. the icons will stop running as well.

Memorizing Temperature Settings Your unit has been designed to "remember" the last run mode to which it was set.

If you suffer power outage or any other power cutoff. the unit will automatically return to the previous tempera ture settings after power is returned.

About the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) When you press any key. a backlight will appear in the Display Panel.

If no other key is pressed. the backlight will automatically go out after 2 minutes.

In the event that there is a fault in the unit. an ALARM indication will appear on the screen.


In ALARM mode. the unit will make a beeping sound and display an alarm message.

If the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) on the control panel displays any of the following messages: PROBE ERROR.

LOW TEMP or HIGH TEMP. consult the Wine Cellar Troubleshooting section of this manual.

Shelving The shelves in your unit are chrome-plated so they will not rust. These shelves pull out only 1/3 of the way. This is a safety features so that neither the unit nor the shelves will tip over.

Care and Cleaning of Your Wine Cellar

Cleaning the Outside Clean the outside of your unit with mild soapy water.

Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

To clean the door gasket. use only mild soapy water.

Never use harsh detergents or scouring pads to clean any part of your Wine Cellar.

Cleaning the Inside Unplug your Wine Cellar and remove all bottles.

Rinse the inside surface with plain water and dry the chrome shelves.

Wine Cellar Troubleshooting

Wine cellar does not turn on

Not plugged in.

Fuse blown or circuit breaker tripped

Noise or vibration

Check that unit is level.

If not. use leveling leg.

Wine cellar is too warm

Check that door is properly sealed.

To change the temperature. follow the steps in the the Operating Your Wine Cellar section of this manual.

LCD displays "PROBE ERROR E" This message is an ALARM MODE indication.

The LCD displays "PROBE ERROR" on the left and "E" in the middle when the thermostatic sensor has malfunctioned.

When this hap pens. the cellar first stops working for 25 minutes. then turns ON for 30 minutes and OFF for 20 minutes automatically and continuously.

Contact your authorized service facility for sen sor replacement.

LCD displays "LOW TEMP" This message is an ALARM MODE indication.

The LCD displays "LOW TEMP" on the left and the actual temperature reading in the middle.

It indicates that the actual temperature is much lower than your set temperature and that the magnet valve may not be functioning properly and should be replaced.

Contact your authorized service facility immediately.

LCD displays "HIGH TEMP" This message is an ALARM MODE indication.

The LCD displays "HIGH TEMP" on the left and the actual temperature reading in the middle.

It indicates that the actual temperature is much higher than your set temperature.

Possible causes are:

• The door might not be fully closed.

• The refrigerant may have leaked.

• The magnet valve may not be functioning properly and should be replaced.

If you are certain that the door is not the cause of the problem. contact your authorized serv ice facility immediately.

Limited Warranty

Franklin Industries.

EL.C. warrants this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of original purchase or delivery. Any parts that are determined to be defec tive will be replace or repaired by Franklin at no charge as long as the unit was operated in accordance with the instructions furnished with the product.

If the unit proves to be defective. your first course of action should be to follow the retailer's return policy.

This warranty covers units only in the continental United States and does not cover the following:

Damage from improper voltage or installation Damage in shipping Defects other than manufacturing defects Glass. trim or light bulbs Any damage or loss to cellar contents as a result of the failure of the unit to perform as expected.

Labor or repairs after the first 12 months Damage from abuse. misuse. accident. alteration or lack of proper care or routine maintenance

Improper or incorrectly performed maintenance or repairs Damage due to acts of God

Commercial warranty is limited to 90 days parts and labor.

This limited warranty is given in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. This warranty does not cover incidental or consequential damages.

Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages. so the above limitation may not apply to you.

This warranty provides you with specific legal rights and you have other rights that vary from state to state.

Consult the written materials accompanying your product for safe and proper operation.

This warranty may not be assigned.

For warranty service. contact:

Franklin Industries.

LLC 4100 First Avenue

Brooklyn. NY 11232-3321 Tel: 1-877-261-9867 Website:

When service is required. have on hand the Model and Serial Numbers found on the rating label on the back of the unit. as well as proof of purchase such as sales or gift receipt.

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