Rockford Fosgate P400X1 Punch 400 Watt Mono Amplifier

User Manual - Page 6

For P400X1.

PDF File Manual, 22 pages, Read Online | Download pdf file

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Installation Considerations
The following is a list of tools needed for installation:
This section focuses on some of the vehicle considerations for install-
ing your new amplifier. Pre-planning your system layout and best wiring
routes will save installation time. When deciding on the layout of your new
system, be sure that each component will be easily accessible for making
If you feel unsure about installing this sys-
tem yourself, have it installed by a qualified
Before installation, disconnect the battery neg-
ative (-) terminal to prevent damage to the unit,
fire and/or possible injury.
Before beginning any installation, follow these simple rules:
1. Be sure to carefully read and understand the instructions before
attempting to install the unit.
2. For safety, disconnect the negative lead from the battery prior to
beginning the installation.
3. For easier assembly, we suggest you run all wires prior to mounting
your unit in place.
4. Route all of the RCA cables close together and away from any high
current wires.
5. Use high quality connectors for a reliable installation and to minimize
signal or power loss.
Fuse-holder and fuse. (See
specifications for fuse rating)
Volt/Ohm Meter
Wire strippers
Wire crimpers
Wire cutters
#2 Phillips screwdriver
Battery post wrench
Hand held drill w/assorted bits
Assorted connectors
Adequate Length—Red Power
Adequate Length—Remote
Turn-on Wire
Adequate Length—Black
Grounding Wire
6. Think before you drill! Be careful not to cut or drill into gas tanks, fuel
lines, brake or hydraulic lines, vacuum lines or electrical wiring when
working on any vehicle.
7. Never run wires underneath the vehicle. Running the wires inside the
vehicle provides the best protection.
8. Avoid running wires over or through sharp edges. Use rubber or
plastic grommets to protect any wires routed through metal, especially
the firewall.
9. ALWAYS protect the battery and electrical system from damage with
proper fusing. Install the appropriate fuse holder and fuse on the +12V
power wire within 18” (45.7 cm) of the battery terminal.
10. When grounding to the chassis of the vehicle, scrape all paint from
the metal to ensure a good, clean ground connection. Grounding
connections should be as short as possible and always be connected
to metal that is welded to the main body, or chassis, of the vehicle.
Seatbelt bolts should never be used for connecting to ground.
Mounting Locations
To ensure optimal performance, mount the amplifier with at least 1”
(2.54cm) of air gap around the amplifier’s heat sink to provide proper
Amplifier Centering Indicators
Centering indicators have been incorporated into the amplifier’s
heatsink to aid in the installation process.
Trunk Mounting
Mounting the amplifier vertically or inverted will provide adequate cool-
ing of the amplifier. Mounting the amplifier on the floor of the trunk will
provide the best cooling of the amplifier.
Passenger Compartment Mounting
Mounting the amplifier in the passenger compartment will work as long as
you provide a sufficient amount of air for the amplifier to cool itself. If you
are going to mount the amplifier under the seat of the vehicle, you must
have at least 1” (2.54cm) of air gap around the amplifier’s heat sink.
Never mount this unit in the engine compart-
ment. Mounting the unit in the engine com-
partment will void your warranty.
Battery and Charging
Amplifiers will put an increased load on the vehicle’s battery and charging
system. We recommend checking your alternator and battery condition
to ensure that the electrical system has enough capacity to handle the
increased load of your stereo system. Stock electrical systems which are
in good condition should be able to handle the extra load of any Prime
Series amplifier without problems, although battery and alternator life can
be reduced slightly. To maximize the performance of your amplifier, we
suggest the use of a heavy duty battery and an energy storage capacitor.
Punch Amplifier
Mounting Hardware
Allen Wrench
Quick Setup Guide
Test tones available for
download at https://rftech.
detail/a_id/1126/ Scroll to
the bottom of the page and
download your preferred
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