Rockford Fosgate P400X1 Punch 400 Watt Mono Amplifier

User Manual - Page 20

For P400X1.

PDF File Manual, 22 pages, Read Online | Download pdf file

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mountings that fit your preference.
NOTE: If you are having problems after installation follow the Trouble-
shooting procedures below.
Check Amplifier for proper connections. Verify that POWER light
is on. If POWER light is on skip to Step 3, if not continue.
1. Check in-line fuse on battery positive cable. Replace if necessary.
2. Check fuse(s) on amplifier. Replace if necessary.
3. Verify that Ground connection is connected to clean metal on the
vehicle’s chassis. Repair/replace if necessary.
4. Verify there is 9 to 14.4 Volts present at the positive battery and
remote turn-on cable. Verify quality connections for both cables at
amplifier, stereo, and battery/fuseholder. Repair/replace if necessary.
Protect light is on.
1. If the Protect light is on, this is a sign of a possible short in the
speaker connections. Check for proper speaker connections and use
a volt/ohm meter to check for possible shorts in the speaker wiring.
Too low of a speaker impedance may also cause Protect to light.
Check Amplifier for audio output.
1. Verify good RCA input connections at stereo and amplifier. Check
entire length of cables for kinks, splices, etc. Test RCA inputs for AC
volts with stereo on. Repair/replace if necessary.
2. Disconnect RCA input from amplifier. Connect RCA input from test
stereo directly to amplifier input.
Check Amplifier if you experience Turn-on Pop.
1. Disconnect input signal to amplifier and turn amplifier on and off.
2. If the noise is eliminated, connect the REMOTE lead of amplifier to
source unit with a delay turn-on module.
1. Use a different 12 Volt source for REMOTE lead of amplifier.
Check Amplifier if you experience excess Engine Noise.
1. Route all signal carrying wires (RCA, Speaker cables) away from
power and ground wires.
1. Bypass any and all electrical components between the stereo and the
amplifier(s). Connect stereo directly to input of amplifier. If noise goes
away the unit being bypassed is the cause of the noise.
1. Remove existing ground wires for all electrical components. Reground
wires to different locations. Verify that grounding location is clean,
shiny metal free of paint, rust etc.
1. Add secondary ground cable from negative battery terminal to the
chassis metal or engine block of vehicle.
1. Have alternator and battery load tested by your mechanic. Verify good
working order of vehicle electrical system including distributor, spark
plugs, spark plug wires, voltage regulator etc.
Remote not functioning.
1. BD amplifiers remote switch in “ON” position.
2. Remote plugged into remote PLC “IN” port
Remote Lights not functioning.
1. Remote plugged into remote PLC “IN” port
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