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User manual Street Minimoto

Operation Guide



If one of these indicators does not come on when it should, have your dealer check for problems.


Steering Lock

Lock the steering when parking to help prevent theft.

A U-shaped wheel lock or similar device is also recommended.


  1. Turn the handlebar all the way to the left.
  2. Insert the ignition key in the lock and turn it 180 degrees clockwise.
    • Jiggle the handlebar if the lock is difficult to engage. cRemove the key.


Insert the ignition key in the lock and turn it degrees counterclockwise.

Rear Brake Lock

Be sure the rear brake lock is applied while starting and warming up the engine.

  • Make sure the rear brake lock lever is released before riding.


Squeeze the rear brake lock lever and set the rear brake lock.

  • The rear brake lock will not function if the rear brake is not adjusted properly. (P.66)
  • If it is difficult to squeeze the rear brake lock lever, depress the rear brake pedal together.


Squeeze the rear brake lock lever.

  • Before riding, make sure that the rear brake lock is fully released so there is no drag on the rear wheel.

Fuel Valve

The three-way fuel valve is used to control the flow of fuel from the fuel tank to the carburetor


Maintenance Fundamentals

Pre-ride Inspection

To ensure safety, it is your responsibility to perform a pre-ride inspection and make sure that any problem you find is corrected. A preride inspection is a must, not only for safety, but because having a breakdown, or even a flat tire, can be a major inconvenience.

Check the following items before you get on your vehicle:

  • Tire tread wear and air pressures are within limits
  • Lights, horn, and turn signals operate normally

Check the following items if you are carrying a passenger or cargo:

  • Combined weight is within load limits
  • Cargo is secured properly

Check the following items after you get on your vehicle:

  • Throttle action moves smoothly without binding
  • Brake lever and pedal operate normally
  • Check the fuel level and refuel when needed
  • Engine stop switch functions properly

Check the following items at regular intervals:

  • Oil level is between the upper and lower level marks
  • Side stand functions properly
  • Rear brake lock works properly

Periodic Checks

You should also perform other periodic maintenance checks at least once a month regardless of how often you ride, or more often if you ride frequently.

Also, check the odometer reading against the Maintenance Schedule and perform all maintenance that is due. 2 P. 44

Tires and wheels Check the air pressure (2 P. 55), examine tread for wear and damage (2 P. 55), and check the wheels for damage.
Fluid levels Check the engine oil level (2 P. 62).
Lights Check that the headlight, brake light, taillight, and turn signals are working properly
Controls Check the freeplay of the front brake lever (2 P. 64), freeplay of the rear brake pedal (2 P. 65), throttle grip (2 P. 76) and rear brake lock (2 P. 25) operate properly.
Fuses Fuses Check that you have a full supply of spare fuses.
Nuts & bolts Check the major nuts and bolts, and tighten as needed.

Replacing Parts

Always use Honda Genuine Parts or their equivalents to ensure reliability and safety. When ordering colored components, specify the model name, color, and code mentioned on the color label. The color label is attached to the document compartment. 2 P. 39

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