Pioneer PD-30AE Compact Disc Player

Instruction Manual - Page 14

For PD-30AE. Also, The document are for others Pioneer models: PD-10AE

PDF File Manual, 28 pages, Read Online | Download pdf file

PD-30AE photo
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Connecting the CD Player-Continued
By connecting Pioneer brand components with
control jacks with monaural miniplug cables (with-
out resistors), you can centralize control of the
devices using the remote controller of this unit. This
also allows remote control of components not
equipped with a remote sensor, or installed in
places where the component’s remote sensor can-
not be accessed.
When connecting the CONTROL IN/OUT jacks,
supplied analog audio cables must also be used
to make analog connections. Merely connecting
the CONTROL IN/OUT jacks alone will not allow
proper system control.
When a monaural miniplug cable is connected to
the PD-30AE’s CONTROL IN jack, the unit can-
not be controlled by pointing the remote control at
the PD-30AE (the remote sensor is automatically
Connecting the Power Cord
Before connecting the power cord, connect all of the other components.
Using centralized control with other Pioneer components (PD-30AE only)
Monaural miniplug cable
(without resistor)
(not supplied)
Other Pioneer component
equipped with CONTROL IN/OUT
To other Pioneer component
equipped with CONTROL IN
Aim remote control
at the sensor on the
Plug the power cord into a
suitable electrical outlet 14 ページ 2016年7月28日 木曜日 午前8時16分
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