Pioneer PD-30AE Compact Disc Player

Instruction Manual - Page 12

For PD-30AE. Also, The document are for others Pioneer models: PD-10AE

PDF File Manual, 28 pages, Read Online | Download pdf file

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Disc Notes
Precautions for Playback
Compact discs (CDs) with the following logo on the
label surface can be used.
Do not use discs designed for purposes other than
audio, such as CD-ROMs for PC use. Abnormal
noise could damage the speakers or amplifier.
* This CD player supports CD-R and CD-RW discs.
Note that some discs may not play back because of the
disc characteristics, scratches, contamination or the
recording state. A disc recorded with an audio CD
recorder will not play back unless it is finalized.
Never use discs which have an unusual shape
(such as hearts or octagons). These types of discs
could jam and damage the CD player.
CD Playback with Copy-control Function
Some audio CDs with copy-control functionality do
not comply with official CD standards. These are
special discs and cannot be played with this CD
Playback of MP3 Discs
MP3 files recorded on a CD-R/CD-RW can be
played with this CD player.
Use discs which have been recorded following the
ISO9660 Level 2 file system. (The supported
directory depth is eight levels, the same as
ISO9660 Level 1)
Discs recorded with the hierarchical file system
(HFS) cannot be played.
Up to 99 folders (including the root folder), and up
to 499 files (including root) and files can be rec-
ognized and played.
A disc recorded with a recorder or personal com-
puter may not play in some cases. (Cause: Disc’s
characteristics, damaged or dirty disc, dirt on
player’s lens, dew condensation, etc.)
A disc recorded on a personal computer may not
play because of the application settings or envi-
ronment. Record the disc with the proper format.
(Contact the application maker for details.)
A disc with insufficient storage capacity may not
play back properly.
Playback of MP3 Discs
Only MP3 files with the extension “.MP3” or “.
mp3” are supported.
This CD player supports files recorded in MPEG
1 Audio Layer 3 (32-320kbps), with a sampling
frequency of 32/44.1/48 kHz.
Variable bitrates (VBR) between 32kbps and
320kbps are supported. The time information
during VBR playback may not display correctly.
Handling Discs
Hold discs by the edge, or by the center hole and
edge. Avoid touching the playback surface (surface
with nothing printed on it).
Do not attach paper or stickers, or write on the play-
back or label surface of the disc. Take care not to
scratch or damage the disc.
Precautions for Rental Discs
Do not use discs with residue from cellophane tape,
rental discs with labels which are peeling off, or discs with
decorative labels. This type of disc could get stuck in the
CD player, or could damage the CD player.
Precautions for Inkjet Printable Discs
Do not leave a CD-R/CR-RW having a label printed
with an inkjet printer in the CD player for a long
time. The disc could get stuck in the CD player, or
could damage the CD player.
Remove the disc from the CD player when not being
played, and store it in a case. A freshly printed disc will
stick easily, and should not be played immediately.
Caring for Discs
If the disc is dirty, the PD-30AE/PD-10AE will have
a hard time reading signals, and the audio quality
may drop. If the disc is dirty, gently wipe off finger-
prints and dust with a soft cloth. Lightly wipe from
the center outwards.
To remove stubborn dust or
dirt, wipe the disc with a soft
cloth dampened with water,
and then dry it with a dry
cloth. Do not use cleaning
spray for analog records or
antistatic agents, etc. Never
use volatile chemicals such
as benzine or paint thinner
as they can impregnate the disc surface.
Label surface
(printed surface)
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