Use Manual Whirlpool 4BPS1 Built in Electric Oven: in Stainless Steel, Self Cleaning

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INSERTING THE WIRE SHELF AND OTHER Whirlpool 4BPS1 Built in Electric Oven


Insert the wire shelf horizontally by sliding it across the shelf guides, making sure that the side with the raised edge is facing upwards.

Other accessories, such as the drip tray and the baking tray, are inserted horizontally in the same way as the wire shelf.


To remove the shelf guides, lift the guides up and then gently pull the lower part out of its seating: The shelf guides can now be removed.

To refit the shelf guides, first fit them back into their upper seating. Keeping them held up, slide them into the cooking compartment, then lower them into position in the lower seating.


Remove the shelf guides from the oven and remove the protective plastic from the sliding runners.

Fasten the upper clip of the runner to the shelf guide and slide it along as far as it will go. Lower the other clip into position.

To secure the guide, press the lower portion of the clip firmly against the shelf guide. Make sure that the runners can move freely. Repeat these steps on the other shelf guide on the same level.

Please note: The sliding runners can be fitted on any level.


Insert the food probe deep into the meat, avoiding bones or fatty areas. For poultry, insert the probe lengthways into the centre of the breast, avoiding hollow areas.

Place the food in the oven and connect the plug by inserting it into the connection provided on the righthand side

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