User Manual Samsung NX58H5600SS/AA 5.8 cu. ft. Gas Range with Convection

Samsung NX58H5600SS/AA 5.8 cu. ft. Gas Range with Convection - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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Free-Standing Gas Range

User manual




The warming drawer is designed to keep hot cooked foods at serving temperature. Always start with hot food. Cold or room-temperature foods cannot be heated, warmed, or cooked in the warming drawer.

Do not touch the interior drawer surface or heating element. These surfaces may be hot and could burn you.

Use care when opening the drawer. Escaping hot air and/ or steam can cause burns or personal injury.

Do not use aluminum foil to line the lower drawer. Aluminum foil will trap heat and alter the warming performance of the drawer. It could also damage the interior finish.

Never use the lower/warming drawer in the upper oven. Never put the lower/warming drawer in the upper oven during a self-cleaning cycle.

Never leave jars or cans of fat drippings in or near the lower drawer. Do not leave or store paper products, plastics, canned food, or combustible materials in the drawer.

Do not use the drawer to dry newspapers. They could ignite. Plastic items could melt.


WARNING Follow basic precautions when installing and using this range to reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, injury, or death to persons, including:

  • Do not leave children unattended near the range during a self-cleaning cycle. The outside surfaces of the range get hot enough to burn if touched.
  • Stand away from the range when opening the oven door after a self-cleaning cycle. The oven will be VERY HOT and the escaping hot air and steam can cause burns.




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