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Harbor Breeze 40656 Questions and Answers

#1 How do you change the direction of the fan blades?

Use the reverse switch located on the switch housing (directly above the top edge of the glass bowl) to reverse the rotation of the blades.

#2 Can this fan be used with dimmer switch (for light and fan)?

If you have two hot wires coming into the outlet box for your fan and two separate wall switches, you can use a dimmer for the light. But never use a dimmer-style (variable speed) wall control to control the fan motor. Controlling fan speed with a dimmer-style wall control will void the fan's warranty and is a fire hazard. There are fan speed controls that are made for fans and would be safe to use for the Herndon

#3 I have a high ceiling. Can this fan be installed with downrod?

Yes, the downrod is included.

#4 How do we replace the light bulb/light panel? It stopped working after only three months.

You'll need to remove the finial, finial cap, hex nut, and rubber washer from the bottom of the glass bowl while holding the glass bowl in place. Then, lower the glass bowl to access the light bulbs. Once you replace the bulbs, replace all the previously removed parts.

#5 How do I put in reverse? I don't have a remote! Only pull chain and wall switch?

The reverse switch is located on the side of the switch housing, right above the top edge of the bowl.