Toshiba 24WL3A63DB 24-Inch HD Ready Smart TV - Use Manual

Toshiba 24WL3A63DB 24-Inch HD Ready Smart TV - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF download or read online.


Switching On/Off

To Switch the TV On

Connect the power cord to a power source such as a wall socket (220-240V AC, 50 Hz). To switch on the TV from standby mode either:

  • Press the Standby button, Programme +/- or a numeric button on the remote control.
  •  Press the side function switch on the TV until the TV comes on from standby.

To Switch the TV Off

Press the Standby button on the remote control or press the side function switch on the TV until the TV switches into standby mode.

To power down the TV completely, unplug the power cord from the mains socket.

Note: When the TV is switched into standby mode, the standby LED can blink to indicate that features such as Standby Search, Over Air Download or Timer is active. The LED can also blink when you switch on the TV from standby mode.

First Time Installation

When turned on for the first time, the language selection screen is displayed. Select the desired language and press OK.

On the next screen, set your preferences using the navigation buttons and when finished, press OK to continue.

Note: Depending on the Country selection you may be asked to set and confirm a PIN at this point. The selected PIN cannot be 0000. You have to enter it if you are asked to enter a PIN for any menu operation later.

You can activate Store Mode option at this point. This option will configure your TV’s settings for store environment and depending on the TV model being used, the supported features of it may be displayed on the top of the screen as an info banner. This option is intended only for store use. It is recommended to select Home Mode for home use. If Store Mode is selected, a confirmation screen will be displayed. Select YES to proceed. This option will be available in Other Settings menu and can be turned off/on later. Aerial Installation

If you select Aerial option from the search type selection screen, the television will search for digital terrestrial TV broadcasts. After all the available stations are stored, th

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