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GETTING STARTED Power Supply and Tape Cassette
Open the cassette cover by pressing the above indicated area at the top end of the label maker. ‡ Make sure you turn off the power when replacing batteries or tape cassettes.

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Tape exit slot
Cutter's edge Print head
Tape guides
Cassette cover
Tape cutter lever Toothed Wheel
NOTE When using optional AC adapter
Insert six new AAA alkaline batteries (LR03) or fully charged Ni-MH batteries (HR03), making sure their poles point in the correct directions. Users of alkaline batteries: Always replace all six batteries at the same time with brand new ones. Users of Ni-MH batteries: Always replace all six batteries at the same time with fully charged ones.
AC adapter jack
1 Insert the two hooks at the bottom of the cassette cover into the slots on the label maker. 2 Securely close the cassette cover making sure it snaps into place.
1. Size 2. Font 3. Cursor 4. Shift
5. Caps 6. Underline/Frame 7. Style
8. Label Length
If a specific label length has been selected, also appears. 9. Cable
NOTE ‡ The LCD displays one row of 15 characters; however, the text you enter can be up to 80 characters in
‡ Label length displayed on LCD may differ slightly from the actual label length when printed.
Initial Settings 1 Turn on your label maker.
Supply power using six AAA batteries or the optional AC adapter, and then press to turn the power on.
2 Set the language.
The default setting is [English].
/ [Language] / [English/Español/Français/Hrvatski/Italiano/
Magyar/Melayu/Nederlands/Norsk/Polski/Português/Portug. (BR)/Românã/Slovenski/Slovenskê/
Suomi/Svenska/Türkçe/Èeètina/Dansk/Deutsch] .
3 Set the unit of measurement. The default setting is [inch].
/ [Unit] / [inch/mm] .
NOTE ‡ The label maker automatically turns off if no keys are pressed within five minutes.
‡ To cancel any operation, press .
‡ After pressing , Accepted is displayed for a

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