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Automatic Load Size Sensing

Once you start the cycle, the washer will fill to the water level. When the washer is done filling, it will start to agitate after it determines the correct level for the load. The washer will then fill to the appropriate water level based on the load size.

This low-water wash method uses less water and energy compared to a traditional agitator-style washer.

Choosing the Right Detergent

Use only High Efficiency detergents. The package will be marked “HE” or “High Efficiency.” Low-water washing creates excessive sudsing with a regular non-HE detergent. Using regular detergent will likely result in longer cycle times and reduced rinsing performance. It may also result in component failures and noticeable mold or mildew. HE detergents are made to produce the right amount of suds for the best performance. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to determine the amount of detergent to use and do not go over the Max line. See “Using Laundry Product Dispensers” for more information.

Improved Cleaning

Low-water cleaning means concentrated cleaning. Rather than diluting detergent as done in an agitator-style washer, this washer delivers the detergent directly to the soils. This low water wash also allows the clothing to move in a more effective way to remove soils.

Normal Sounds You Can Expect

At different stages of the wash cycle, you may hear sounds and pauses different from those of your previous washer. For example, you may hear a clicking and hum at the beginning of the cycle as the lid lock goes through a self-test. There will be different kinds of humming and whirring sounds as the agitator tests for load balance or moves the load. Sometimes, you may hear nothing as the washer determines the correct water level for the load and allows the load to soak.




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