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Quick Start Guide I/O LincTM – INSTEON® Low Voltage/Contact Closure Interface (1 In/1 Out) Model: 2450
Introduction Monitor and control any low voltage devices such as contact closures, electric door strikes and alarm sensors as part of your Insteon home automation network. Plus, use the built-in single-pole double-throw (SPDT) switch to connect any low-voltage powered device for continuous or momentary operation. Create your own remote-control door lock using a door strike and power supply or use a security sensor to trigger INSTEON controlled lights to turn on or off. I/O Linc acts as a repeater for all powerline INSTEON signals, is compatible with INSTEON and X10 products and has a pass-through outlet for other AC devices.
Items Required

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• Sensor wire: 20-22 gauge recommended
I/O Li

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