User Manual Samsung UN65RU8000FXZA 65" Class RU8000 Premium Smart 4K UHD TV (2019)

Samsung UN65RU8000FXZA 65" Class RU8000 Premium Smart 4K UHD TV (2019) - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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To directly go to the page that provides instructions on how to use the manual for visually impaired users, select the Learn the Menu Screen link below. “Learn the Menu Screen” Link

1 Function and content preview

When you select a category at the bottom of the screen, a preview of available functions and content appears here. To view detailed information about a content item, move the focus to it, and then press the up directional button.

2 Ambient Settings

You can configure the following Ambient Mode settings:

  • Auto Brightness Changes the auto brightness setting for Ambient ModeWhen this function is set to Off, the brightness level of the TV screen is not automatically adjusted in response to the surrounding light level.
  • Sleep After Sets the time when the Ambient Mode screen turns off automatically If there is no remote control input for the set time, the screen goes off. To turn the screen back on in Ambient Mode, press the button on the remote control.
  • Reset All Photos Resets the photos imported from your mobile device or Samsung Cloud.

3 TV

You can enter the TV viewing screen.

4 Selecting a content category

You can select your preferred content and background for the Ambient Mode screen.

Available content categories may differ depending on the model or geographical area.

  • Special Edition Allows you to enjoy creative artwork and interior design content created by the world's finest artists and designers.
  • Décor Allows you to select content with a sensible and beautiful design.

Quick Guides

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Connecting the Samsung Smart Remote to the TV
Using Smart Hub
Using the Ambient Mode
10 Entering Ambient Mode
10 Ambient Mode browser screen
13 Applying effects to the content
13 View detailed information about the content
13 Entering the TV viewing screen from Ambient Mode
Using Bixby
14 Starting Bixby with voice
14 Starting Bixby using buttons on the Samsung Smart Remote
15 Learning about the Explore Bixby Screen
16 Read Before Using Bixby
17 Provisions for using Bixby
Updating the TV’s Software
18 Updating through the Internet
18 Updating through a USB device
18 Updating the TV automatically
Getting Support
19 Getting support through Remote Management
19 Finding the contact information for service
19 Requesting service
Connection Guide
Connecting an Antenna
Connecting to the Internet
21 Establishing a wired Internet connection
22 Establishing a wireless Internet connection
23 Checking the Internet connection status
23 Resetting Your Network
23 Turning on the TV with a mobile device
23 Connecting an IP control device to the TV
23 Changing the name of the TV on a network
Connection Cables for External Devices
Switching between external devices connected to the TV
26 Editing the name and icon of an external device
27 Using additional functions
Connection Notes
28 Connection notes for HDMI
29 Connection notes for audio devices
29 Connection notes for computers
30 Connection notes for mobile devices
Remote Control and Peripherals
About the Samsung Smart Remote (QLED TV and The Serif)
About the Samsung Smart Remote (UHD TV)
About the Samsung Smart Remote (The Frame)
Connecting to the Samsung Smart Remote
Controlling External Devices with a Samsung Remote Control - Using the Universal Remote
Using Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)
42 Connecting an external device through Anynet+ and using
their menus
42 Read before connecting an Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) device
Controlling the TV with a Keyboard, Mouse, or Gamepad
43 Connecting a USB keyboard, mouse, or gamepad
43 Connecting a Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, or gamepad
44 Using the keyboard and mouse
45 Setting up the input devices
Entering Text using the On-Screen Virtual Keyboard
46 Entering Text using the remote control's microphone and the
on-screen virtual keyboard
Smart Features
Using Smart Hub
48 Displaying the Home Screen
53 Launching Smart Hub automatically
53 Launching the last used app automatically
53 Testing Smart Hub connections
53 Resetting Smart Hub
Using a Samsung account
54 Signing in to a Samsung account
54 Creating a new account
54 Creating a Samsung account using a PayPal account
55 Managing your Samsung account
Using the Ambient Mode
56 Entering Ambient Mode
56 Ambient Mode browser screen
59 Applying effects to the content
59 View detailed information about the content
59 Entering the TV viewing screen from Ambient Mode
Using the Remote Access
Using the APPS Service
62 Installing an app
62 Launching an app
63 Managing installed apps
Using the Gallery App
Using the Universal Guide App
Using the SmartThings App
Using the e-Manual
68 Launching the e-Manual
69 Using the buttons in the e-Manual
Using the Internet
72 Playing multimedia content on a PC or mobile device
73 Listening to your mobile device sound through the TV speaker
using Sound Mirroring
73 Buttons and functions available while playing multimedia
Using Bixby
77 Starting Bixby with voice
77 Starting Bixby using buttons on the Samsung Smart Remote
78 Learning about the Explore Bixby Screen
79 Read Before Using Bixby
80 Provisions for using Bixby
TV Viewing
Using the Guide
Recording Programs
84 Using the instant and schedule recording options from the
Guide screen
84 Using the instant and schedule recording options while
Playing pictures/video/music
72 Playing multimedia content on a USB device
watching a program
85 Scheduling a video recording after entering the date and time
85 Managing the schedule recording list
85 Viewing recorded programs
86 Setting up a schedule recording start
Setting Up a Schedule Viewing
86 Using the schedule viewing options from the guide screen
86 Using the schedule viewing options while watching a program
87 Using schedule viewing to view programs at a specified time
on a specified date
87 Setting the schedule Viewing Time
Using Timeshift
Buttons and functions available while recording a program or Timeshift
Using the Channel List
Editing channels
Using a Personal Favorites List
92 Viewing and selecting channels on favorites list only
92 Create a favorites list
TV-Viewing Support Functions
93 Changing the broadcast signal
93 Scanning for available channels
93 Using Program Rating Lock
94 Configuring advanced broadcasting audio settings
94 Checking digital channel signal info and strength
Picture and Sound
Using the Intelligent Mode
Adjusting the Picture Quality
96 Choosing a picture mode
97 Configuring advanced picture settings
Setting the Viewing Environment for External Devices
98 Playing games on an optimized screen
98 Setting the Game Mode details
99 Using Input Signal Plus
99 Using HDMI black level
Changing the Picture Size and Position
100 Changing the picture size
100 Fitting the picture to the screen
100 Adjusting the picture size and/or position
Configuring a Sound Mode and Expert Settings
101 Configuring advanced sound settings
Using the Sound Support Functions
102 Listening to the TV through Bluetooth devices
103 Listening to the TV through a Samsung audio device that
System and Support
104 Setting the clock automatically
105 Adjusting the clock for DST and time zone
105 Changing the current time
106 Setting the clock manually
Using the Auto Protection Time and Energy Saving Functions
107 Reducing the energy consumption of the TV
Updating the TV’s Software
108 Updating through the Internet
108 Updating through a USB device
108 Updating the TV automatically
Protecting the TV from Hacking and Malicious Code
109 Scanning the TV and connected storage for malicious code
101 Choosing a sound mode
102 Selecting speakers
supports the Wi-Fi function
Using the Time Functions and the Timers
106 Using the sleep timer
106 Turning off the TV using the off timer
107 Setting the Auto Protection Time
Audio and Video Functions for the Visually or Hearing Impaired
110 Running the accessibility functions
110 Running Accessibility Shortcuts
110 Enabling voice guides for the visually impaired
111 Changing the volume, speed, and pitch of the Voice Guide

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Q: I am having trouble turning on the TV. The remote appears to be working fine. I have replaced the batteries with new ones. I have press the return and pause play button simultaneously for more than 20 seconds. I simply cannot get the TV to turn on. The remote blinks but the TV does not turn on Reply