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24" and 36" Gas Free-Standing Range
Cuisinière autoportante à gaz de 24" et 36"
Estufa independiente para gas de 24" y 36"
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Part # 0570000700 REV A
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Haier HCR6250AGS Questions and Answers

#1 I own and love this. the top burners work great. the oven lights and gas cuts off in just a few seconds. broiler does same. Help!

It sounds to me like a bad sensor. There's a sensor that detects the flame has lit. This is a safety feature that avoids gas being dispersed without it burning. I have yet one thing for you to attempt here. If you push in on the knob you are purging air from the lines while bypassing this sensor. In other words, Pushing in on the knob will keep the flame lit, you will hold in on the knob for maybe 15 seconds or so to purge air from the line. If the problem is air in gas line, you just might have solved your problem this way. Good luck

#2 Are knobs with safety features (like you push in first and turn)?

Yes, I own this. You have to push them in and turn to light and start the ignition system.

#3 Where's the temperature indicator?

The only temperature indicator is on the dial for the oven. It does not provide the actual temperature but shows what temperature oven is set to.