Kwikset 99140-131 Signature Series 2nd Gen Round Smart Lock

Installation and User Guide

For 99140-131. Series: Signature Series

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Kwikset 99140-131 Questions and Answers

#1 I purchased this smart lock and it works with z-wave hub but i can’t seem to setup the bluetooth connectivity, is it really bluetooth? work with ring?

I am not aware of Bluetooth capability with this lock. I use the Z-Wave capability with a control hub that interfaces my Z-Wave and WiFi devices and provides the necessary integration with my smartphone, Alexa, etc.

#2 Do I need anything more than my echo to connect to this?

Yes you need a hub like the wink 2, or other brands that support zwave and or zigbee communication depending on which lock version you buy.

#3 Can you touch to open it like the other smart lock. If you are authorized?

If you are outside the home you can either use the app on your phone to open it using the Z-Wave connection or the key, if you are inside the home you can use the manual turn or the app. Mine is connected to my security system so I can double-check that the front door is locked just by looking at my phone. I hope that answers your question.