Pioneer AVH X7700BT 1 DIN DVD Receiver

User Manual - Page 51

For AVH-X7700BT. Also, The document are for others Pioneer models: AVH-X6700DVD

PDF File Manual, 196 pages, Read Online | Download pdf file

AVH-X7700BT photo
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Precautions before installation
Never install this product in places where, or in a manner
Could injure the driver or passengers if the vehicle
stops suddenly.
May interfere with the driver’s operation of the
vehicle, such as on the floor in front of the driver’s
seat, or close to the steering wheel or shift lever.
To ensure proper installation, be sure to use the
supplied parts in the manner specified. If any parts
are not supplied with this product, use compatible
parts in the manner specified after you have the parts’
compatibility checked by your dealer. If parts other
than supplied or compatible ones are used, they may
damage internal parts of this product or they may
work loose and the product may become detached.
Do not install this product where it may (i) obstruct
the driver’s vision, (ii) impair the performance of any
of the vehicle’s operating systems or safety features,
including airbags, hazard lamp buttons or (iii) impair
the driver’s ability to safely operate the vehicle.
Never install this product in front of or next to the
place in the dashboard, door, or pillar from which one
of your vehicle’s airbags would deploy. Please refer
to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for reference to the
deployment area of the frontal airbags.
Before installing
Consult with your nearest dealer if installation requires drill-
ing holes or other modifications of the vehicle.
Before making a final installation of this product, temporar-
ily connect the wiring to confirm that the connections are
correct and the system works properly.
Installation notes
Do not install this product in places subject to high tempera-
tures or humidity, such as:
Places close to a heater, vent or air conditioner.
Places exposed to direct sunlight, such as on top of the
Places that may be exposed to rain, such as close to the door
or on the vehicle’s floor.
Install this product horizontally on a surface within 0 to 30
degrees tolerance (within 5 degrees to the left or right).
Improper installation of the unit with the surface tilted more
than these tolerances increases the potential for errors in
the vehicle’s location display, and might otherwise cause
reduced display performance.
When installing, to ensure proper heat dispersal when using
this unit, make sure you leave ample space behind the rear
panel and wrap any loose cables so they are not blocking the
Leave ample
5 cm
5 cm
The cords must not cover up the area shown in the figure
below. This is necessary to allow the amplifiers to radiate
1 Do not cover this area.
Make sure you leave enough gap between the dashboard
and the LCD panel of this unit so the LCD panel can be
opened and closed without contacting with the dashboard.
1 Dashboard
2 Leave gap
3 LCD panel
DIN front/rear-mount
This unit can be properly installed using either front-mount or
rear-mount installation.
Use commercially available parts when installing.
DIN Front-mount
1 Decide the position of the side brackets.
When installing in a shallow space, change the position of side
brackets (small).
1 Side bracket (small)
2 Flushsurfacescrew(5mm×6mm)
2 Install the unit into the dashboard.
Insert the mounting sleeve into the dashboard. And then secure
the mounting sleeve by using a screwdriver to bend the metal
tabs (90°) into place.
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