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Dyson HP04 Questions and Answers

#1 How well does this work for wild fire smoke? We want this
for our baby's bedroom when smoke (pm2.5 / pm10)
eventually makes it in to our home.

Maybe you just want to get you and your baby out of the wild

#2 Does this self clean?

No, it has two filters that are monitored and will tell you when it
is time to replace them. The Dyson App works nicely.

#3 What is power source?

Power source is the regular wall outlet. Set up is easy. I
absolutely love it !!

#4 Does this integrate with SmartThings?

Dyson encourages to pair with your smartphone.

#5 How do you recharge the remote?

There is a screw on the bottom, remove the screw, push on
the bottom lightly where the screw was and the bottom
should pop out. Then replace the batteries. If your remote
does not have a screw, then just push on the bottom and it
should pop out. Then replace your batteries. If that does
work! Go to youtube. they have some good video on how to
remove and replace your batteries on Dyson Pure Hot +
Cool Air Purifier, remote control.

#6 Will this get rid of basement musty smells?

I don't know, I never use it in a basement. But it do keep the
house smelling nice and clean. Get rid of the cooking smell.

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