A7S Aposen Vacuum Cleaners - Use Manual

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Cordless handheld Vacuum cleaner A7s

Important Safety Notes

Read all safety warnings and all instructions. Failure to follow the warning and instructions may result in electri cal shock, fire and/or serious injury. Please keep this manual for further guidance. Save these instructions.

Save these instructions.

  • This vacuum cleaner is not intended for use by children and persons with physical, sensory or mental limitations or a lack of experience or knowledge. This vacuum cleaner is suitable for wet or dry use, but the maximum water
  • absorption can not exceed 150 ML.
  • This appliance is designed for domestic use only.
  • Do not leave the appliance unattended when it is switched on, as this may be a source of danger.
  • The vacuum cleaner should only be used and stored indoors. In order to avoid the risk of an electric shock. Please follow below warning:

-  Do not vacuum large or sharp broken such as glasses.
-  Do not vacuum reactive liquids (solvent, corrosive, detergent...).

-  Do not vacuum inflammable or explosive substance such as gasoline
or alcohol.

  • Remove the battery before cleaning or performing maintenance on the vacuum cleaner, making tool adjustments, changing accessories or storing the vacuum cleaner. This safety measure prevents the vacuum cleaner from being started accidentally.
  • Have the vacuum cleaner repaired only through qualified specialists and only using original spare parts. This ensures that the safety of your vacuum cleaner is maintained.
  •  Do not open the battery pack. Danger of short-circuiting. Protect the battery against heat, e. g., against continuous intense sunlight, fire, water, and moisture. Danger of explosion.
  • When battery pack is not in use, keep it away from other metal objects like paper clips, coins, keys, nails, screws, or other small metal objects that can make a connection from one terminal to another. Shorting the battery termi nals together may cause burns or a fire.
  • Under abusive conditions, liquid may be

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