LG Electronics WT7100CW LG 4.5-cu ft High Efficiency Top-Load Washer (White) ENERGY STAR - Use Manual

LG Electronics WT7100CW LG 4.5-cu ft High Efficiency Top-Load Washer (White) ENERGY STAR - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF download or read online.




Loading the Washer

• Check and empty pockets. Paper clips, coins, matches, etc. can damage clothing and the washer.

• Close zippers and hooks, and tie drawstrings to prevent snagging or tangling of clothes.

• Pretreat heavily stained areas for best results.

• Combine large and small items in a load. Load large items first. Large items should not be more than half of total load.

• Wash thick, bulky items individually. Heavy blankets, comforters, bedspreads, or pet beds can get tangled or cause an unbalanced load if combined with other items.

• The washer can be fully loaded, but the tub should not be tightly packed with items. The lid (door) of the washer must close easily

• Do not wash single small items. Add 1-2 similar items to the load to prevent an out-of-balance load.

• Do not wash/spin waterproof items. Washing raincoats or sleeping bags may result in abnormal vibration or may cause the load to bounce, which could damage the tub.

• Wash small, light items in a mesh bag. Small items can get caught in the impeller at the bottom of the tub, and brassiere hooks can damage other items or the tub.

• Brush off heavy soil, dust, and hair from items before washing. Excess dirt or sand can abrade other fabrics and lead to poor wash performance.

• The washer will not fill or operate with the lid (door) open.

• Use the Bedding cycle for large or bulky items such as poly-filled jackets, comforters, pillows, etc. These items may not be as absorbent as other laundry items and should be sorted into a separate wash load for optimal results.

• Bulky items should be placed as far down in the tub as possible for optimal results. Always place buoyant items at the bottom of the tub. The washer will automatically detect the load size. Because of the high efficiency wash system, the water level may not completely cover the load.

• Do not overload the tub. Clothes should fit loosel

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