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User Manual
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User Manual Electric Eco Column Heater Dimplex OFRC24TIW


  • General
  • Fitting the castors
  • Operation
  • Controls
  • Digltal Timer Operation Storage
  • Cleaning
  • After Sales Service

Fitting the castors

  • Remove the carton containing the castor assemblies from the packing.
  • Fit the castors to the stub axles by applying hand pressure until each castor clicks into position. Note that the castors are designed to be a tight fit on the axles but will rotate in use.
  • The castors can only be fitted between the outer fins.
  • Turn the radiator upside down on a carpet or other soft surface to avoid damage
  • WARNING: THE RADIATOR IS HEAVY - ENSURE THAT IT IS SUPPORTED TO PREVENT IT FROM TOPPLING. Ask a second person to help with this if necessary. Position castor bracket onto the threaded pins on the control panel. Place the winged nut 'C' on the thread and tighten it securely.
  • Repeat the process for castor bracket 'B' onto the last fin.
  • Note: The 5 fin column radiator models - OFRC10 & OFRC10TI use curved castor brackets and must be fitted.
  • Lift the radiator clear of the floor, then turn it back upright and stand it on its castors as shown in Fig. 1. It is now ready for uso.

Positioning the Heater

  • Select the position for the radiator ensuring there is clearance from any furniture and fittings of at least 300mm above the heater and 150mm each side. The radiator should only be operated on a flat stable surface.



  • If the radiator le not required for long periods, for example during the sUMmer, it should be stored in a dry place and preferably covered to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust. The supply cord should be neatly coiled around the cable wrap (see Flg. 1) ensuring that the plug does not trail on the floor.


  • The heater must be kept plugged in at the mains to retain the time and the programmed settings. If unplugged from the mains, resetting the time and the programmed settings will be necessary.



  • Do not use detergents, abraslve cleaning powder or pollish of any kind on the body of the heater.
  • Allow the heater to cool, then wipe with a dry cloth to remove dust and a damp cloth (not wet) to clean off stains. Be careful not to allow moisture in to the heater.

After Sales Service

  • Please see the separate Warranty leaflet for details of your Warantee & after sales service including contact details.
  • Should you require after sales service, please get in touch with the supplier through whom you purchased the appliance, or the contact number on your Warranty leaflet.


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Dimplex OFRC24TIW Questions and Answers

Does the power light stay on even though it is switched off?
The power light will remain on until such time that the heater is switched off at the power supply point.

oil is starting to leak out the base - this heater is 4 years old - what happens if all the oil leeks out and can it be repaired?
Please note that as a rule, oil filled heaters are a non-serviceable, sealed unit and once the cavity is breached, there is no viable repair available.

I bought Dimplex Electric Eco Column Heater OFRC24TIW yesterday and I cant turn it one is there a trick?
Plug it in and bright red light above screen will come on showing you have power. Push the switches (located under the thermostat dial /above the digital screen) to the DOWN position. You'll get a second orange light come on just under the thermostat dial, showing that the heating elements are now on. 1 switch for 1200W, both switches for 2400W. Hope you now get warm... And if not, you've got a dud heater and should take it back!!!