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Utensils for Your Induction

Induced current can be created only in materials which have magnetic properties. Thus, utensils for use with an induction unit must be made from a ferromagnetic material or have inserts with magnetic properties. Your household may already have cookware suitable for induction cooking, and you may test any utensil with an induction element. Incorporated controls are able to recognize a suitable utensil. To perform a utensil test:

- Turn an element on and adjust power to any level - you will notice that the digital power display is flashing.

- Place your utensil on the coil. If the piece being tested is suitable for induction cooking, the display will become steady. However, if it keeps flashing, the utensil cannot be used on your induction unit.

- If the utensil is empty, remove it from the coil immediately after you have done test and turn the element OFF.

Another simple test to determine if a piece of cookware can be used on an induction cooktop is the ‘magnet test’. Use a magnet and place it on the utensil. If the magnet sticks to it, the piece will work with induction.

Utensils compatible with induction are:

• Cookware made of enamel coated steel with or without a non-stick coating.

• Cast iron cookware with or without enamel coated base.

• Stainless steel pots and pans designed for induction cookware.


Stainless steel used for utensils is nonmagnetic, in most cases, and unsuitable for induction cooking, but most manufacturers make such utensils in layers for better heat distribution, and a good number of such pots and pans can be used with induction. To make sure if a stainless steel utensil can be used perform the utensil test.

Use of utensils with enameled coated base will prevent the glass top of your unit from getting scratched.

Pots and pans which do not have a flat bottom still may be used, however they should not be overly def

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