User Manual Orbit 58308Z 1/2 Inch Brass Impact Sprinkler on Tripod Base

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55032-03 Rev A
Adjusting the Distance of Spray
The distance of spray can be adjusted with the following
1. Diffuser Pin Assembly
Screw deffuser pin into stream to reduce coverage.
2. Deflector Shield Assembly
Push deflector shield into stream to reduce coverage.
Anti-Backsplash Arm
The Anti-Back Splash Arm is designed to prevent water from
spraying outside of the desired pattern area.
Irrigation Products
North Salt Lake, UT 84054
Made in Taiwan
For outdoor use with cold water only
Do not spray near electrical connections
Deflector Shield
Diffuser Pin
Friction Collars
Trip Pin
Brass Impact Sprinkler 1/2" Series
Operational Information
Friction Collars
Trip Pin
Adjusting the Pattern of Spray
The spray pattern can be adjusted with the
following methods:
1. Partial Circle Coverage
Push the trip pin to the down position. Slide the fric-
tion collars to adjust any portion of a 360 degree circle.
2. Full Circle Coverage
Move the Trip Pin to the up position.
Trip Pin


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#1 My sprinkler is not oscillating

Please contact the Orbit support team by calling (800) 488-6156 or online at

#2 Does it have an adjustment setting to make it spray further? I have normal water pressure and it only goes about 20 ft.

The only thing that is adjustable is the height of the tripod and the type of spray. There is a small diffuser screw that if all the way up would effect distance and type of spray when screwed all the way out - it would allow more of the water flow to travel and be more of a solid stream.

#3 Does this have an on off switch or do I need to turn the water on/off from the spigot at the house?

It does NOT have an on/off switch. Either need to shut water off manually or add a timer.

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