Samsung EB-U1200CSELUS Wireless Charger Portable Battery 10,000 mAh, Silver


For EB-U1200CSELUS. Also, The document are for others Samsung models: EB-U1200*

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Please read this guide before using the device to ensure safe
and proper use.
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Before using the battery pack, make sure it is compatible with
your mobile device.
Your consumer rights are governed by the law of the country in
which you purchased the product. Please contact your service
provider for more information.
Device layout
USB charger port Wireless charging surface
Charger port (Type-C) Charging coil
Indicator light
Battery level / Wireless
charging button
Charging the battery
Before using the battery pack for the first time, you must charge
the battery.
Connect the battery pack to a charger.
Use only Samsung-approved chargers.
You can charge the battery pack using the charger (sold
Depending on the type of charger you are using, you
may need to use the Micro USB connector.
The actual capacity (Wh) is measured based on the
batterys output current and voltage. It may differ from
the capacity (Wh) indicated on the device, depending
on the output power condition, the connected devices
circuit configuration, and the operation environment.
The charger should remain close to the electric socket
and easily accessible while charging.
When the charger is correctly connected to the battery
pack, the indicator light flashes red, green, and yellow,
and then turns off.
Checking the remaining battery power
Check the remaining battery power by pressing the Battery level /
Wireless charging button.
The indicator lights alerts you to the remaining battery power.
Remaining battery power Indicator light status
70–100 % Four indicator lights on
40–70 % Three indicator lights on
20–40 % Two indicator lights on
5–20 % One indicator light on
0–5 % One indicator light blinking
Using the battery pack
Cable charging
1. Connect one end of the USB cable to the battery pack’s USB
charger port. Then, plug the other end of the USB cable into
the mobile device’s multipurpose jack.
2. After the mobile device is fully charged, disconnect the USB
cable from both devices.
Depending on your mobile device’s multipurpose jack,
you may need to use the Micro USB connector.
Wireless charging
1. Place a supported mobile device on the wireless charging
surface. (
Charging will begin when the charging coil comes into contact
with the wireless charging coil of the mobile device.
Check the charging icon displayed on the screen of the
mobile device for the charging status.
If the charger is not connected, you must press the
Battery level / Wireless charging button to charge the
mobile device.
2. When the mobile device is fully charged, remove the mobile
device from the battery pack.
Do not place the mobile device on the battery pack
when conductive materials, such as metal objects,
magnets, credit card, transportation card or a key card
are placed between the mobile device and the battery
pack. The mobile device may not charge properly or
may overheat, or the mobile device or the cards may
be damaged.
When conductive materials are placed on the battery
pack, noise may occur from the battery pack.
The charging time may vary depending on the charging
The battery pack supports fast charging feature. To use
fast charging on the battery pack, connect it to your
mobile device that supports fast charging.
However, you cannot use the fast charging feature
when you use the cable charging and wireless charging
When the charger is connected, you can use both the
cable charging and wireless charging. However, when
the cable charging is complete, you can use wireless
charging feature with the remaining battery power. If
the battery power is low, the wireless charging feature
may be disabled.
If you make a call during wireless charging, connectivity
problems may occur. You must first remove the mobile
device from the battery pack.
Safety information
Read all safety information before using the device to ensure safe
and proper use. To view the full safety information, refer to the
Samsung website.
Use manufacturer-approved batteries, chargers, accessories,
and supplies
Do not touch the device with wet hands
Do not drop or cause an impact to the charger or the device
The device can be used in locations with an ambient
temperature of 0 °C to 35 °C. You can store the device at an
ambient temperature of -20 °C to 50 °C. Using or storing the
device outside of the recommended temperature ranges may
damage the device or reduce the battery’s lifespan
Prevent the multipurpose jack and the small end of the
charger from coming into contact with conductive materials,
such as liquids, dust, metal powders, and pencil leads
Do not allow children or animals to chew or suck the device
Do not disassemble, modify, or repair your device
Magnetic stripe cards, including credit cards, phone cards,
passbooks, and boarding passes, may be damaged by
magnetic fields
Industry Canada
This device complies with Industry Canada licence-exempt RSS
Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device
may not cause interference, and
(2)this device must accept any interference, including interference
that may cause undesired operation of the device.
Industry Canada RF Radiation Exposure Statement
This equipment complies with IC RF Radiation exposure limits set
forth for an uncontrolled environment.
This device and its antenna must not be co-located or operating in
conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter.
This equipment should be installed and operated with a minimum
distance of 20cm between the radiator and your body.
Printed in Korea
A00704 Rev.1.0
CANADA Type 03/2019
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