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Haier HRF220TS3 221L Refrigerator Freezer - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Manual Fridge Freezer Haier HRF220TS3

Daily use

  • Do not put hot on the plastic parts in the appliance .
  • Do not place food products directly against the rear wall .
  • Frozen food must not be re - frozen once it has been thawed out 
  • Store pre - packed frozen food in accordance with the frozen food manufacture's instructions . "
  • Appliance's manufactures storage recommendations should be strictly adhered to . Refer to relevant instructions .
  • Do not place carbonated of fizzy drinks in the freezer compartment as it creates pressure on the container , which may cause it to explode , resulting in damage to the appliance . "
  • ce lollies can cause frost burns if consumed straight from the appliance . "
  • The supply cord is damaged it must be replaced by the manufacturer , service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard
  • Do not replace the LED lamp yourself , it must only be replaced by either the manufacturer or the authorised service agent .

Care and cleaning

  • Before maintenance , switch off the appliance and disconnect the mains plug from the mains socket .
  • Do not clean the appliance with metal objects
  • Do not use sharp objects to remove frost from the appliance . Use a plastic scraper .
  • Regularly examine the drain in the refrigerator for defrosted water . If necessary , clean the drain . If the drain is blocked , water will collect in te bottom of the appliance .


Any electrical work required to do the servicing of the appliance should be carried out by a qualified electrician or competent person

This product must be serviced by an authorized Service Center , and only genuine spare parts must be used

Energy saving

  • Don't put hot food in the appliance
  • Don't pack food close together as this prevents air circulating
  • Make sure food don't touch the back of the compartment ( s )
  • If electricity goes off , don't open the door ( s )
  • Don't open the door ( s ) frequently
  • Don't keep the door ( s ) open for too long time
  • Don't set the thermostat on exceeding cold temperatures
  • Some accessaries , such as drawers , can be removed to get larger storage volume and lower energy consumption

Daily Use


For hygienic reasons the appliance interior , including interior accessories , should be cleaned regularly .

Important ! Ethereal oils and organic solvents can attack plastic parts , e.g. lemon juice or the juice form orange peel , butyric acid , cleanser that contain acetic acid

  • Do not allow such substances to come into contact the appliance parts
  • Do not use any abrasive cleaners
  • Remove the food from the freezer . Store them in a cool place , well covered
  • Switch the appliance off and remove the plug from the mains , or switch off or turn out the circuit breaker of fuse
  • Clean the appliance and the interior accessories with a cloth and lukewarm water . After cleaning wipe with fresh water and rub dry
  • After everything is dry place appliance back into service .


Appliance does not work

  • Insert mains plug
  • Check fuse , replace if necessary
  • Mains malfunctions are to be corrected by an electrician

Appliance freezes or cools too much

  • Turn the temperature regulator to a warmer setting temporarily

The food is not frozen enough

  • Please look in the initial Temperature Setting section .
  • Open the door only as long as necessary
  • Turn the temperature regulation to a colder setting temporarily
  • Please look in the installation location section

Heavy build up of frost on the door seal

  • Carefully warm the leaking sections of the door seal with a hair dryer ( on a cool setting ) . At the same time shape the warmed door seal by hand such that it sits correctly

Unusual noises

  • Re - adjust the feet
  • Move the appliance slightly
  • If necessary , carefully bend the component out of the way .

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Haier HRF220TS3 Questions and Answers

How do I prevent drops from forming on the glass plates of my fridge?
There may be various causes for this, it is recommended to check the following: - Is the drain hole free of dirt? - Does the refrigerator door close properly? - Is the refrigerator not too full so that air can circulate properly? - Is the temperature not set below 5 degrees?

What do I do about a smelly fridge?
A common method for solving the problem of a smelly fridge is to pour vinegar into the drain and temporarily place a cup of vinegar in the fridge.

How much free space does my fridge need?
A minimum of 2.5 centimetres of free space around the fridge is needed to ventilate properly.